Hygienic Screw Cavity Pumps

Hygienic Screw Cavity Pumps
Are you looking for a reliable and efficient pump to handle your liquid or slurry applications? Look no further than the Hygienic Screw Cavity Pumps in UP India. This pump is specifically designed for handling high-viscosity fluids and is perfect for use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing plants.

The hygienic screw cavity pump features an enclosed design that prevents contamination of the fluid being pumped. It also includes a self-cleaning mechanism that helps keep the pumping surfaces clean, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene. Additionally, this pump can be easily cleaned and sanitized to meet all your sanitation requirements.

Other than that if you’re like most people, you probably think of cavity pumps as those things your dentist uses to suck out all the gunk from your teeth. And while that’s certainly one use for them, cavity pumps have a host of other applications as well – including in the hygiene industry!


So if you’re looking for a reliable way to move liquids around your plant, consider investing in a few screw cavity pumps!
These pumps are used extensively in dairy and food processing plants to pump milk, cream, and other liquids. They’re also used in breweries and wineries to move beer and wine from one tank to another. And because they’re made of stainless steel, they’re easy to clean and sanitize – which is essential for keeping food products safe.

One key component of screw production is the use of Hygienic Screw Cavity Pumps. These pumps are essential for moving fluid quickly and efficiently through the manufacturing process. They help ensure that screws are produced quickly and accurately, with minimal waste or defects.

Screw cavity pumps are designed with your safety and convenience in mind. Hence, can be useful in a  number of industries and verticals, they’re easy to operate and maintain, so you’ll be able to get the most out of them with minimal effort. Plus, they’re built tough enough to withstand even the harshest environments. So if you need a pump that can handle anything, this pump is perfect for you!


As a reference, if we talk about two screw pump type, it has the following major parts,

  • Screw pair – A pair of screws mounted by the spindle mounted in the bearing. One out of two screws is connected to the driving shaft.
  • Timing gears – Timing gears maintain a very fine running clearance between the two screws. There is always a chance of contact which can cause a drastic reduction in output pressure due to wear & tear of the edge of the screw.
  • Suction and discharge port – It has separate suction and discharge ports for the uninterrupted flow of fluid which moves axially along the screw towards the discharge port.
  • Housing – It is the casing that houses the screw pair, timing gears, and suction and discharge port.
  • Rotary and Stationary Seal – A pair of mechanical seals is present on both sides, which separates the pump dry side(bearings and the timing gear) from the working fluid.

Types of Screw Pumps

Based on their structural configuration these pumps are classified into the following types,
1. One Screw Pump

  1. Two Screw Pump
  2. Three Screw Pump
  3. Four Screw Pump
  4. Five Screw Pump

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Hygienic Screw Cavity Pumps in UP India are mentioned below,

  • These pumps offer the highest flow speed of Positive Displacement pumps.
  • So these pumps are best suited to the people who work with hard liquids which are not movable & require shifting them quickly like oil, gas, and other high-thickness liquids.
  • This pump is a wise choice for 2-phase fluid as well as gas mixtures. 
  • High tolerance toward water vapor and particles/dust.
  • Rotor wear is eliminated.
  • Maintenance requirements are relatively low.
  • Low operational costs.
  • Medium being pumped is safe from contamination.


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