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How To Use Smoke Bombs In Your Photography

The trend of smoke photography is not new. It encompasses the use of coloured smoke to add an element of theatre and make the pictures look artistic. These also provide a gothic touch to the images and snapshots that capture the moment one is immersed in.

Even when people walk down the aisle, they want to have the smoke bomb effect in their pictures. Adding colourful smoke grenades can make the portraits and landscape shots look surreal.

Useful Tips For Smoke Bomb Photography

Read The Product Description Carefully Before Purchasing The Smoke Grenades

Before buying smoke bombs, one must ensure that they are safe and do not heat up while burning. Read the instructions and the description of the product carefully.

Be Careful While Lighting Them

Do not light up the smoke grenades near any inflammable objects that catch fire easily. These might set the place on fire and it might become difficult to douse the flames in the end. These should be held safely by the people lighting them up.

Should Not Give Off Harmful Fumes

Be selective while buying the smoke grenades and purchase the ones with odourless smoke. There mustn’t be any fumes that suffocate the air around the people and make them choke their hearts out.

Usually, the smoke bombs burn for a duration of 40 to 90 seconds. Try being smart and choose the ones that do not pollute the air and make your photographs have a character to them.

Try Using Them Before Getting Photographed

Try using the smoke bomb yourself sometime before the photoshoot. Do not burn it for the first time while getting the photographs clicked, this might scare you.

Carry A Pack Of Extra Smoke Bombs

During a wedding or any other social gathering, you might feel the need for more smoke grenades to click the snapshots. There must be enough coloured smoke to provide a touch of fun to the photo shoots.

Watch Out For The Weather

Be smart and do not light up the smoke bombs when it is about to rain or during the scorching heat of the sun. It is better to light up the smoke bomb during a pleasant day or when the sun goes down.

Select The Appropriate Colour

The colour of the smoke emitted by the smoke grenades should complement the theme of the photograph. Things must not look out of place, fall apart or be uncoordinated.

Summing it up, the use of smoke bombs and grenades adds a touch of fun to the pictures. These make the snapshots have a surreal look with a gothic theme to them. One must be careful while using these bombs and be careful of the weather. Before purchasing, it is important to read the instructions and decide for yourself.

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