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How To Use Hang Tab Packaging Boxes to Protect Your Products

Hang Tab Packaging Boxes are a versatile packaging solution that can protect your products while keeping them safe. Hang tab packaging are manufactured using a variety of processes, including die-cutting, perforation and scoring. Some types have a matte, UV or gloss finish. Read on to find out how to use these boxes to protect your products. Let’s take a closer look at these unique products! Listed below are three ways to use hang tab boxes to protect your products.

Die-cut window

Die-cut window on hang tab packaging boxes is custom-made to fit the needs of different businesses. They can be printed with your business name, logo, and contact details and may also feature die-cut or foil inserts. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for free shipping and design services. The process of requesting an estimate is usually quick, but you can expect to wait for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Custom hang tab packaging boxes are an excellent marketing tool. They can be hung at checkout counters, salon reception areas, and POS locations. Hanging items close to the checkout counters encourage impulse purchases and enhance business operations. The die-cut window on hang tab packaging boxes allows customers to see what is encased in them without having to reach inside. The box’s window provides a visible display for the product inside, increasing its chances of being picked up by potential customers.

Locking tab

Hang tab packaging boxes are designed with a lock tab and punch card hole. They are a perfect substitute for packing light-weight goods. This style of box also has an additional space for advertisement. Because they can be easily opened and closed, they are eco-friendly. In fact, Ibex Packaging uses recyclable paper board for its hang tabs. That’s great news for customers! They can choose to purchase these boxes for less than half the cost of a plastic version.

The hanging tab on hang tab packaging boxes are very versatile, and can be carried by hand or by a punch card. They can be made in any shape or size. They are also designed to fit your product, allowing you to display it with ease. You can also customize these boxes for different purposes, from displaying stationary to storing food. No matter what you are promoting, hanging tab boxes are the perfect solution.

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Merchandising tool

Hang Tab packaging boxes are great for highlighting product packaging at the point of sale. Depending on the type of merchandise, the hanging retail box can be positioned at the level of the target audience. For example, if a product is meant for children, it would be best to place it at eye level. For intellectual games, it would be best to place it higher. The same principle applies to retail products.

Hang Tabs feature a flexible adhesive area that allows them to stick to most items, including irregularly shaped packaging. In addition, their delta hole design makes them compatible with most types of display hooks, such as Clip Strip(r) Merchandising Displays. This versatility enables Hang Tab packaging boxes to be used in a variety of ways, and they are also environmentally friendly.


Economical hang tab packaging boxes are highly demanded these days. Their popularity has grown rapidly in a short span of time, and this is largely due to the ease of accessibility and their unique designs. Economical hang tab packaging boxes are vertically shaped boxes that hang on a hook or screw to take up less shelf space. These boxes are useful for a wide variety of products, including stationery, cosmetics, candles, and more.

In addition to their attractive appearance, hanging tab packaging boxes are ideal for displaying products because they require no floor space or shelf space. They are especially convenient to use for the cosmetics industry, as they do not take up valuable floor or shelf space. In addition to being convenient for display, hang tab boxes can be used for a variety of different items, including cosmetics and electronic items. Even if you don’t have the time to create your own hang tab packaging boxes, you can source them at wholesale prices.


The benefits of customized hang tab boxes go beyond promoting a product. You can hang them at checkout counters, POS areas, and salon reception areas to encourage impulse purchases. These boxes also enhance your business operations by letting customers view the encased item, and therefore, boost sales. Aside from their functionality, hang tab boxes help your business grow. To learn more about how these boxes can benefit your business, read on to learn more about how to maximize your marketing efforts with custom hang tab packaging.


Hang tab boxes are ideal for packaging jewelry and other items that are prone to breakage. They are durable and look elegant. You can order custom hang tab boxes from Legacy Printing and take advantage of our wide variety of finishes and stocks. Custom hang tab boxes also come in custom sizes and styles for a unique look. You can use your own design or choose from our existing templates. Once you’ve chosen the perfect style, simply contact the manufacturer to order a quote.

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