How To Target Weak Topics For NEET 2023 Exam - An Honest Topper Strategy

How To Target Weak Topics For NEET 2023 Exam – An Honest Topper Strategy

The countdown for NEET 2023 has already started, and only a few months have left. Hope you are honestly preparing for the examination. 

This blog will provide you with an ultimate guide topper guidance to target weak topics in NEET preparation.

The NEET’s syllabus is very vast, and it is obvious to face difficulties while solving the chapters. 

Often students skip the chapters they find difficult and focus only on their strong areas thinking they will cover them during the last revision, but it does not happen. At last, they end up scoring low marks. Same for the droppers.

During a conversation with the topper who cracked NEET 2022 and the dropper who cracked NEET 2022 in his fourth attempt, I discussed their approach to targeting weak topics during preparation. 

And here, I would like to frame their approach to target weak areas and mistakes every student should avoid while preparing for NEET 2023. 

Stay tuned till the last word of this mini-blog, and you will surely get the most out of this. 

Tips to Target Weak Topics for NEET UG

  • Read the entire topic again

I know it sounds weird to re-read the chapter, but yes. According to the toppers, if they find any topic or chapter difficult to understand, they first go with re-reading the chapter. It helps them to point out the core idea of the topic. 

Don’t try to read the chapter multiple times without understanding the concepts. It will waste your time and give zero results.  

  • Break the topic into subtopics

Break the large topics into subtopics and understand them properly. Understand each topic properly and make a short note of it. Refer to using scientific note-making techniques to save time.  

  • Learn fundamentals first

To understand any difficult topic, first, understand the scratch of the concept. Learning fundamentals are the best way to convert your weak section into a strong one. Initially, it will take some time, but you can crack the concepts at first glance after practice. 

  • Solve related problems

Once you understand the concepts properly, not move to the second steps is, to practice examples related to concepts. For example, you learn chapter electrostatics. Solve all the questions based on chapters asked in previous year’s papers. This is the most important step to turning your weak chapters into strong ones. 

  • Take proper guidance from expert faculty

If you still find difficulties in solving the questions, then get proper guidance from the subject expert. Be open to sharing your doubts and tell them where you are actually lagging. 

  • Revise the topics on a regular basis

Don’t leave the topic or chapter once you are done. Revise the concepts on a regular basis and practice the questions. Follow a structural revision pattern to cover the syllabus. 

  • Practice MCQs

The best way to retain the concepts in your mind for a long time is to practice MCQs. The more you practice, the more you learn.

Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for NEET UG 2023

  1. Do not avoid the importance of fundamentals.
  2. Don’t create backlogs of topics. If it happens, try to cover it as soon as possible before starting the next topic. 
  3. Don’t do any activity during study time. 
  4. Avoid referring to the number of books. Start with basic books, ie. NCERT.
  5. Don’t lose confidence due to low scores on mock tests. Analyze it properly and address the weak section one by one.  
  6. Don’t read one subject in one day. Make a proper timetable and give importance to each subject equally. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What is the minimum marks to crack the NEET?

Ans- The following are the cutoff range to qualify NEET examination.

  1. General- 50 percentile
  2. OBC- 40 percentile
  3. SC&ST- 40 percentile

Q2. How many hours do NEET toppers study?

Ans- The number varies according to students’ understanding of the concepts. But usually, topper study a minimum of 8 hrs effective study to crack the examination. 

Q3. When should I complete my NEET syllabus?

Ans- An aspirant should complete his NEET syllabus four months before the examination. This is enough time to revise all the syllabi and practice mock tests and previous year’s papers. 

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