How To Properly Go Through A Real Property Report?

A Real Property Report is one of the most important documents for a property in Calgary.

Since it is a document that is verified by the local government, it holds a lot of value.

It is due to the amount of importance that a Real Property Report holds, only a certified Alberta land surveyor can prepare a report for a property.

Furthermore, an updated RPR not just provides the next set of buyers with a detailed view of the property but also adds to the value of the property.

However, for every homeowner getting an RPR, it is important to figure out what a Real Property Report actually includes. Here’s what to find in an RPR and how to read it.

What Should a Real Property Report Include?
In order to figure out about a Real Property Report, it is imperative to learn about what does usual RPR consists of.

1. A legal description and municipal address of the property for which the report has been prepared

2. Date of the land title search & the date when the report was prepared

3. Certificate of title (land title) number and names of the registered owner(s)

4. Location and description of all buildings and structures (E.g., Decks, fences) with dimensions, directions, and distances from the property boundaries

5. Location and dimensions of any visible encroachments (i.e., Buildings or structures that are too close or even beyond the property line)

6. Designation of adjacent properties, roads, lanes

7. Evidence of municipal compliance (i.e., The RPR has been reviewed by your municipality and adheres to all municipal bylaws and regulations. They usually stamp and date compliance directly on the RPR)

8. Illustrations of any easements that affect the property

9. A certified land surveyor’s signed certification and suggestions on any of the concerns noted by them

10. Copyright of the RPR shared with the land survey company

Types of Real Property Reports
A Real Property Report is usually of two different types.

1. Current Real Property Report: A current RPR showcases any latest improvements about a property. This enables everyone to know if there exist any issues with the existing property related to encroachments, right-of-ways, or any other non-compliances. It becomes an essential document during a real estate transaction.

2. Existing Real Property Report: It is an already prepared report that mentions any improvements or upgrades that have taken place on the property and its details.

If there have been any changes made, after the RPR is prepared the property owner is required to contact a professional land surveyor like Core Geomatics to update the existing report and send it for approval to the local government.

Only after the report receives a compliance certificate, are the changes good to go.

What’s Not Included in a Real Property Report
While this might differ from one local government to another, these are some of the common things that aren’t usually included in a Real Property Report.

1. Trees: Any trees or foliage which includes bushes, shrubs, and grass are usually not included in a Real Property Report.

2. Accessory Buildings under 10 sq m: Any additional buildings apart from the main structure, such as sheds, pagodas, etc under 10 sqm are not showcased in a Real Property Report, as these structures are usually considered movable. However, if the detached building is larger than 10 sqm in area, it has to be shown on the Real Property Report.

Conclusion: Get a Real Property Report From Core Geomatics
A real property report in Calgary is one of the most important documents that property owners can get for their homes here.

It is a legal document and hence becomes even more important to be accurate. That is why it is essential to get a professional land surveyor to get a proper real property report made for a property.

One of the distinguished names in the field of getting a real property report is Core Geomatics.

The team at Core has been working since 2009, towards providing the best and most accurate RPRs to their clients, taking every detail into consideration. A proper real property report can solve a lot of problems and help property owners with identifying the boundaries of a property, spotting potential issues, determining any encroachments, and applying for permits.

Get in touch with Core Geomatics today to get a Real Property Report in Calgary.

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