How to Manage PST Files in Outlook – A Complete Guide

Do you often face issues managing your PST files? Well, there are a lot of users who have problems with their PST files. However, it is not easy for users to manage PST files, so they search for a perfect tool to do PST managing tasks simply. The PST files are the Personal Storage table that stores items like calendars, email, contact, etc. In this blog, we will focus on the procedure to handle their PST files and share the professional third-party tool so that users can rely on it for the management of the PST files. Read the blog until the end to learn about managing files and many more.

Why do users need to manage PST files?

For every Outlook user, it is important to know how to manage PST files so that they can work smoothly. Outlook is an advanced email client, but there are various issues that users might face while working on it. So, we are sharing some of the common situations which create problems for users in managing their PST files. To know some of them, kindly check out the below-mentioned section.

Oversized PST files- Most users have an issue with the oversized file in their system. The PST files have a definite size limit, talking about Microsoft Outlook 2002 save the PST file in ANSI, an old format. The permissible storage limit of the PST file depends upon the Outlook version. The older Outlook version allows users to save up to 2 GB of data in the PST file, whereas users can save their data between 20 GB to 50 GB in newer Outlook versions.

So, depending upon the Outlook versions, sometimes we need to limit the size of the PST file. Once the file reaches the maximum level, it starts creating a problem. In this scenario, the users should split the file into smaller PSTs to avoid unforeseen circumstances; one of which is PST file corruption.

Various PST files- It more often happens that users have more than one file in their Outlook. Due to multiple files, it becomes difficult for users to manage their files. Users will need clarification if they have around 20 to 30 files and want to delete any one file, which will be deleted permanently.

Later on, you will realize that you have deleted the wrong file, so before it creates much confusion, manage PST files, as a lot of information is stored in the file. However, users should create one file by merging multiple PST files to ease the PST management task.

Duplicate email in Outlook- As everyone knows that Outlook store different items like contact, task, calendar, notes, etc. Therefore, it is very common for every user to have a duplicate copy of the item. Users receive or send email messages that create a copy of it, and Outlook stops working properly.

If there are any duplicate items, then for sure, it will increase the space of the file. We have already discussed that the oversized PST file can create many problems in your Outlook, so the users should look to remove duplicate items, as it will surely solve the problem of the users.

Lost PST Password- Sometimes, users lose their PST file password and become unable to access their file data. The PST files are password protected; users can only access them by entering the correct password.

Therefore, if you forgot or lost the password, then there is no way for you to open the file. If you are stuck in a situation like this, then it is better for the users to either recover or remove the password. Users must search for the PST file manager tool that can easily help to manage the files.

How Does Shoviv PST File Manager Work?

Managing PST files is necessary for the users; for that, it is also important for users to select the finest tool to begin the procedure. Several software is available, but users always look for the most reliable tool that can effortlessly complete the entire process. Go through the steps mentioned below to run the process with the help of the Shoviv professional tool.

  • To run the process in your system, firstly, visit the official website of Shoviv, and download the Shoviv PST Management Suite.
  • Click on the downloaded file option, and the software will open on your screen; then tap on the Next option.
  • A license agreement box will pop up before you read the agreement; then click “I Accept the agreement” and the Next option.
  • Now select the location where you want to install the software.
  • Later you will see the option to create a desktop and launch icon; you can make the changes as per your requirement and then tap on the Next option.
  • The software is set to be installed in your system; tap on the Next option to install it.
  • Now the installation process will begin, and once the process is finished, hit the Finish button.
  • By following the above-cited process, one will be able to Manage PST files in a simplified manner.

Advantages of Shoviv PST Management Suite

As in the aforementioned paragraph, we have already introduced the users to the Shoviv professional third-party tool. We have also shared the tool’s working and how it runs the full process. Now let us introduce the users to some amazing Shoviv PST Management Suite features.

  • The software has a split option to split the large PST file into multiple PST files.
  • This utility has a tendency to manage PST files in no time.
  • The tool can merge two or more PST files with the PST Merge option.
  • With the Compact and Compress PST files option, you can compact or compress the PST files.
  • To manage PST files, users can add a large number of files as it will process in a single go.
  • It will maintain the integrity of the data and keep the data secure.
  • With the help of the remove duplicate item option, it helps to remove all the duplicate items without changing their property.
  • This software swiftly recovers the password of the PST file without misplacing any of the data with the help of the Recover PST file password option.
  • This tool has a user-friendly interface that helps the users to proceed with the entire process quickly.
  • It works with all editions of the Microsoft Outlook email client and Windows operating system.
  • There is also a free demo version of the software for users to check out the tool’s efficiency.

Final Words

It is very difficult for users to manage PST files when they have various files in your system. Many scenarios come in every user’s way, but it is on how they deal with it. We have also suggested the automated procedure on the above content to manage the files. Apart from this, we have also mentioned the tool that will help the users to work effortlessly. As it is not an easy process, most users from a non-technical background cannot proceed with the entire process. Users do not have to worry about it as this tool ensures that all users can run the process by following simple steps.

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