Make Your Dubai Trip More Adventurous
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How to Make Your Dubai Trip More Adventurous?

Dubai enjoys a unique location with the Persian Gulf, the colossal Arabian desert, and the majestic Hajar mountains in its surroundings.

Whether you want to enjoy a day out in the sun, shop in one of the many souqs here, or enjoy thrilling activities such as sky diving, zipline adventures, and desert safari, Dubai checks all the boxes. When it comes to the longest zipline adventure park in Dubai, it is difficult to pick one. The emirate is home to some of the best theme and adventure parks in the region. We would soon be hearing about Dubai becoming the park capital of the world. There is everything here, from water parks to adventure and theme parks of superheroes and even Bollywood.

For thrill-seekers wishing to satiate their adventurous appetite, here are the top three parks they must visit:

Aventura Parks

For those wishing to have to get that adrenaline rush and test their fitness, the emirate brings a new addition to the parks scene in Dubai in the form of Aventura Parks. Featuring a natural wildlife theme, the park is nestled in the midst of the Ghaf forest. It is a great place for those seeking a fun time outdoor. Aventura Parks has a variety of exciting activities for kids alike winter camp in Dubai. From nature trails, zipline, and rope-swinging to many other adventurous activities, there is so much you can do.

One of the highlights of Aventura Parks is its zipline which is the longest in Dubai. You can glide above the sprawling greenery of the Ghaf forest. Those who are interested in the flowers and plants can explore the Aventura Parks and have both enjoy outdoor team building activities and educational experiences amidst beautiful views. It is one of the best options for those who want to have fun and get their adrenaline pumping.

Motiongate Dubai

Known as Hollywood in the Desert, Motiongate Dubai offers more than two dozen attractions. The main inspiration for this park comes from new blockbuster films and even classics. The park is divided into different zones and each of them is named after the movie studios that created them. Step into the reel gate and you get to the Columbia Pictures area. Also, you can enjoy the Green Hornet roller coaster. Then there is the tour of the creepy Hotel Transylvania that is bound to give you the spooks.

Located indoors, the DreamWorks zone is the highlight of the park. The studio houses the most beloved animation characters of all time. You will get to meet the Po from Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and characters from Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon. There are a few rides as well. The place is great for young ones too. They can enjoy the loveable Smurfs Village along with play areas, a live show, and a rollercoaster. The excitement you would see on the little ones’ faces upon seeing their favorite characters in real life is priceless.

Dress Modestly

While you’re in Dubai, one should take care of following all the traditions and ethics of Dubai people. Being a Muslim megacity, there’s a lot of attention given to what one wears in public area. Dressing should be modest and shouldn’t be revealing.

While exploring strands women can walk around in bathing suits and bikinis but should avoid doing so on their way to the sand or when returning from the sand to their hostel.Men shouldn’t around without a shirt in any public place. Spaghetti swatch covers, short skirts, Bermudasetc are consider to be unhappy.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

From the creepy ghouls to towering dinosaurs and the athletic superheroes, the IMG Worlds of Adventure is a comic lover’s paradise. It is the world’s largest indoor theme park. From a low-key ride to truly wild rides and attractions, the park offers the perfect mix of all featuring four zones. Visitors get to see all of their favorite characters from Loki to Spiderman.

There is an entire area dedicated to Cartoon Network. It happens to be an ultimate favorite of kids and even adults who still enjoy cartoons. You would find everyone from Ben10 to the PowerPuff Girls here. There is a 5D cinema that comes complete with touch and smell.

To all the aspiring Ross Gellers, there is the iconic Lost Valley – a dinosaur lover’s dream. The intricately designed animatronic lizards are fascinating and no less than a wonder. Another population attraction you should most definitely try out is the Haunted Hotel. You will have to walk through a path where live genies and zombies are out there to get you and give you goosebumps.

It is always advisable to wear put on a lot of sun screen on your body parts and also wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the scorching sun, whenever traveling around Dubai outdoors. Also, you must always at every cost keep a lot of cold drinking water with which you must keep drinking at regular intervals to protect yourself from getting dehydrated.

No matter what your interests are, adventures and physical activities, comics, or movies, there are all kinds of birthday party packages in Dubai that ensure you a memorable experience and adventure of a lifetime.

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