How to Live Your Floral Interior Design Fantasies Using Vintage Floral Wallpaper

Have you ever dreamed of one day owning your own flower garden? For many people who live in apartments or condos, this dream may seem a bit far-fetched. However, it’s not completely impossible.

With the help of a good vintage floral wallpaper, as well as a bit of interior design know-how and experimentation, nearly anyone that loves plants and flowers can design a room to look and feel as though they were living in their own garden of blossoms.

The question is, how exactly does one accomplish that?

1. Start with the Vintage Floral Wallpaper

In the same way that artists usually begin their paintings by starting with the background, your journey towards floral interior design begins with your chosen vintage floral wallpaper. Now, floral wallpaper can look and feel pretty busy pretty quickly, especially if the wallpaper you’ve chosen is composed of smaller blossoms rather than huge blooms.

The best way, then, to counteract that feeling of overwhelm is to keep your vintage floral wallpaper to one wall, and then keep the other walls quiet and simple. Neutral backgrounds such as white or cream work best against a flowery backdrop, as can soft and pastel colors.

The idea behind choosing one wall to fill in with your flowery wallpaper is to give the eyes a focal point, and not overwhelm them with too many petals.

2. Choose Furniture that Matches the Design

Next, you want to choose furnishings that match your chosen vintage floral wallpaper. An easy way to accomplish this is to choose furniture and furnishings with complimentary colors. If your wallpaper is covered in warm colors like red, yellow, or orange, for example, decorating the rest of the room in equally warm colors will keep the room in theme.

Alternatively, you can also add other elements into the mix, such as furniture, curtains, or pillow covers with more modern or abstract patterns. This can help create a bit more texture to the room, especially if your chairs and couches are in plain fabrics without any prints.

3. Throw in Actual Flowers & Plants

Next, consider putting in some actual plants to your indoor flower garden. Adding a vase with fresh flowers will not only enhance the effect of your floral patterns, but it’ll also help the room smell good and fresh.

If you feel as though you don’t exactly have that green of a thumb to be able to care for an indoor plant long enough to keep it alive, you can always choose to go with houseplants that are low maintenance and can thrive even with little supervision, such as snake plants, spider plants, aloe vera, flaming katy, or a ZZ plant. 

4. Make Sure to Strike a Balance

One of the basics of design is balance. When it comes to your floral design, this refers to both physical and visual balance. Visual balance can be categorized into two types: symmetrical and asymmetrical. In terms of your interior design, this can mean having a chair on either side of your vintage floral wallpaper, or it could mean just having one chair, table, and houseplant that are positioned off to one side of the wall.

What’s important in creating a sense of balance is noting that all the elements that make up your design carry weight (whether physical or visual). Maintaining balance, then, is all about managing this weight and distributing it either equally or unequally.

Get Starting by Choosing the Perfect Vintage Floral Wallpapers

Once again, everything begins with your background. Creating a truly mesmerizing and alluring floral design inside your home requires the kind of wallpaper that both inspires and takes your breath away. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect vintage floral wallpaper, then, to help you get started with your floral interior, then check out PixlScapes’s collection of high-quality wallpaper murals. With a selection that’s wide and varied, you’re sure to find something that suits your specific tastes and aesthetic.

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