How to Create a Miniature Dollhouse Kitchen

It’s time to build the perfect dollhouse! Attention to detail is everything when it comes to making a dollhouse come to life. Let’s start with a miniature dollhouse kitchen. Here’s everything you need to make a kitchen look dynamic and realistic:

Kitchen Stove

You need a stove if you want to support big family dinners and friend get-togethers over the holidays. A kitchen stove will instantly make your miniature dollhouse kitchen look more realistic since it’s a much-needed appliance that’s present in every real-life kitchen.

Kitchen Sink

Similar to a stove, every kitchen needs a sink. You’ll often find kitchen sinks with cabinets and counter space, so you’ll need to pick out a kitchen sink that is the exact style you want. Some sinks are stainless steel while others are porcelain. You want every piece of the kitchen to go together perfectly so the style and material is important.


No modern kitchen is complete without a fridge. You can find retro fridges and modern fridges, all with the purpose of storing food properly. Make sure that the fridge matches the other appliances to make your kitchen look more accurate to real life versions. The fridge should also not be too tall and should fit next to the cabinets easily.

Kitchen Island

If your kitchen has the room, an island is a great way to make it look a lot more functional. Most people that love entertaining will have a kitchen island to create more counter space. This way they can prepare food a lot more easily. If your dollhouse family enjoys big family dinners, an island is a must.

Counter and Stools

Make a kitchen more homey — and make up for a home that doesn’t have a dining room — with a breakfast counter. People can eat at the counter and stools will make it look more like a diner. It will also add more room for guests if they all can’t fit at the table.

Kitchen Rack

If you need extra storage space and want to make a home look more lived-in, a kitchen rack is a great answer. You can place more appliances and designs on a kitchen rack to make your kitchen a lot more realistic.

Plates and Other Dollhouse Dishes

If you have people eating at the counter, they will also need plates to eat off of! Having plates, either with food on them or clean, will create an even more realistic scene. You can add utensils and glassware to make your kitchen complete.


Modern homes need a microwave! How else will you heat up chicken nuggets for the kids or make some popcorn for movie night. A microwave is a great way to create a more dynamic kitchen for the modern family.


Why not place a rice cooker on the counter or a pot on the stove? Appliances will help your kitchen appear functional and a lot more realistic. You can also tell the story of the family that lives there if you add certain appliances, like a popcorn maker or a smoothie machine.

Now that you have a good idea of the different element that need to be added in order to make your dollhouse kitchen come alive, it’s time to go shopping! Take a look at the selection of kitchen furniture for dollhouses over at Dollhouse City. They even have complete sets to help get you started!

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