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How to Check Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Balance Online

The EPF acts as a savings option for employees. This is a scheme designed by the central government of India. Here, the employer and the employee both contribute an equal amount of money to the PF account, and an interest rate of 8.1% is allowed on this sum. Employees can withdraw the amount saved as PF upon a job change or retirement. However, if they wish to check their PF balance any time of the year, they can use multiple online methods. 

The ease of knowing the PF balance through methods like missed call, SMS, checking EPF passbook on the online portal, etc., help employees in the following ways:

  • Get a loan against the balance.
  • Plan the expenses efficiently.

Different Online Methods to Check PF Balance

Earlier, employees used to rely only on the statement offered by their employer at the end of s financial year to know about their PF balance. However, today people have multiple convenient methods to check their balance and manage their EPF account. 

The most popular online methods for checking EPF passbook balance are:

EPFO Online Portal

To use the EPFO portal for PF balance checks, employees need to activate their UAN. This number offers a unique identification to employees enrolled on the EPF facility. This number remains unchanged irrespective of the change in the employer. 

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To check the balance through the EPFo portal, employees need to visit the site and select the ‘For Employees’ option in the services tab. In the new interface, employees need to click the ‘member passbook’ from a list of options. On the new page, employees are required to enter their username and password to complete the login procedure and check the balance of the EPF account.

EPFO app to Check EPF Balance

In this Balance check option, also employees need an activated UAN along with the KYC details. There are two mobile applications to check the PF balance of employees. These are:

  1. M-Seva app: Employees can download this application from the app store or play store. After installing the app, employees need to follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Select the member option and then go to the EPF passbook or balance option.
  • Enter the employee UAN and the registered mobile number.

After entering the mobile numbers linked to the UAN, the application will display the EPF balance.

  1. UMANG app: The IT and Electronic Ministry of India launched this mobile application to simplify the procedure of managing PF accounts. In addition, this app helps exercise various services like Aadhar, NPS, gas booking, and crop insurance. 

To use this app for PF balance enquiry, employees need to select the ‘Employee centric services’ and go to the ‘view passbook’ option. Here, they must provide their UAN and the OTP sent on their registered mobile number. On successful login, the app will provide detailed information on the PF account’s balance, withdrawal, and deposits.

PF Balance Through SMS

To check EPF through SMS, employees need active UNA, PAN, and bank details. After successful registration and linking of the documents, they can get access to their EPF balance through SMS. The format of the message should be ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’. However, the employees can select their preferred language from English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, and Malayalam. After framing the message, they must send it to 7738299899 to get the balance statement.

PF Balance Through Missed Call

To get the EPF balance information through a missed call, employees need to register their mobile number with their UAN. As the next step, they need to give a missed call to 011-22901406. In response, they will receive a message stating the balance details of their PF account.


Money saved in the PF account is crucial during retirement or other financial emergencies. Therefore, employees must take the necessary steps to keep checking their balances and contributions. Moreover, they must request their employees to activate the UAN to get the benefits online PF balance check options.

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