How to Care for and Maintain Your Fur Coat

A natural fur coat, whether new or vintage, is an investment. To make sure that it keeps looking its best when you wear it out, you’ll want to take special care of it. This can be a challenge, given how fur tends to attract lint and dirt. And while the occasional spot of rain won’t damage it, long-term exposure to moisture certainly can.

Winter will be coming to an end soon, so here are the basics on how to care for and store your fur coat:

Store it properly

Unlike other sweaters and jackets, you simply can’t put your fur coat away just anywhere. You definitely shouldn’t keep it anywhere that’s moist and humid, such as your basement or garage.

Furs are best stored in a dark, cool, and dry place. Direct natural light can cause discoloration. You’ll want to remove any dust or dirt from them before hanging them up on a padded hanger that is broad and tall enough to keep the collar of the coat from making contact with the hanging rod.

If the coat is wet, you’ll also want to dry it thoroughly before putting it in storage. Before hanging it up, you’ll also want to protect the coat from any dust with a dust garment bag that’s been specifically designed for the purpose. Don’t use a plastic bag to cover your coat, as this will cut off the air that the hide needs to keep it from drying out and cracking.

Maximilian offers professional fur storage services if you do not have the facilities to store your fur coat at home. At these fur storage facilities, you can be sure that your fur coat(s) will always be kept in the right conditions for maximum protection and longevity.

Clean it properly

Aside from the occasional gentle brushing, cleaning your fur coat is a task that should largely be left to a professional. It’s not something that you should throw into the washing machine, and it should never be ironed, either.

To brush dirt and lint off of your fur coat, use a specially designed brush. This will allow you to comb out any tangles and matted spots without harming the fibers.

If you happen to stain your coat, the best thing to do is to dab at the fur with a clean cloth, and then use another cloth dampened with water to blot it out. Do not use detergents or stain removers, as this can damage the fur. If the stain is a stubborn one, you may want to bring it to a specialist.

Should the lining of your fur coat become worn, you can also take it in to be replaced. For the most part, a natural fur coat will continue to look and feel beautiful for years to come, and only the lining will need to be replaced.

General care tips

When you have time, it’s a good idea to air your coat out on a dry day and shake off any accumulated dust or dirt.

When wearing a fur coat, refrain from wearing a shoulder bag. This can create an unattractive bald spot in the fur.

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