how much do a paddle board weigh

How Much Do A Paddle Board Weigh

When I first began paddling, one of my main concerns was “How much do a paddle board weigh?” I wasn’t aware of the weight of them. I had to haul the SUP from the beach to my car, and then transfer it onto my roof for transport it back to my home.

A variety of factors influence the choice of the perfect paddleboard for your needs. The number of choices for paddle boards of various dimensions and styles that it’s difficult to make a decision. Therefore, I conducted some research and came up with the following info on the importance of weight for paddle boards.

How much do a paddle board weigh?

Paddle boards weigh, on average, about 30 pounds. The typical paddling board is between 15 to 40 pounds. It is contingent on the kind of paddle board as well as the materials used to create it. The most heavy boards are made of plastic carbon and fiberglass/epoxy boards weigh the most.

We know the amount of weight a paddleboard is contingent on the kind of paddle and the material used. Let’s go over the details below. We’ll discuss the weight of inflatable boards as compared to stand-up paddle boards , and the best size board to purchase based on the body type you have. We will also show how to pick the best panel. We’ll also walk you through the different paddle boards along with their weights.

Let’s begin to learn more about the weights used on paddle boards.

What is the Weight of a Paddle Board?

Paddle boards are available in various weights, ranging from lightweight to heavier. They can weigh anything between 15 and forty pounds, or even more. The traditional boards are between 24- 30 pounds. The boards that weigh less than the average weight can be more expensive but they’re also less robust.

The longer boards, which are heavier, are generally more expensive than boards that are lighter and shorter. This is because of the price of the materials as well as the time needed to make these boards. Paddle boards are an investment of a considerable amount. Make sure you do your research prior to making your choice.

It is much easier to load, transport unload and transport lighter boards. It’s harder to load and transport heavy boards. Therefore, it could take two people in order to unload and load them. You can prevent injury or injury to the board by using an additional hand.

What Does a 12-Foot Paddleboard Weigh?

Medium Board Weights

The most sought-after SUP length is the 12-foot version. It’s light enough for carrying by one person , and is buoyant enough for medium to heavy paddlers.

medium-sized boards for paddles are very popular and can span 10-12 feet. They weigh between 20 and 30 pounds based on the type of paddle board they’re and the material they’re constructed out of.

Long Board Weights

A long paddleboard measures 12 feet and 6 inches in length.

Due to the higher quantity of material employed, longboards weigh more. They tend to be heavier, which adds to their weight. The longer paddles are sturdy and are suitable to enjoy calm, open-water cruises and smooth riding.

For lightweight paddle boarders, long paddle boards provide a faster, more maneuverable ride. For paddlers who are heavier longer boards with greater weight offer stability and control when paddling.

What is the Weight of Inflatable Paddleboards?

The inflatable paddle board is less heavy and more mobile as compared to SUP paddles. They are that are made of stronger, heavier substances.

Inflatable paddleboards are light and perfect for those who frequently travel but don’t have the space to store them or transport them. Inflatables are simple to transport and weigh as little as 17 pounds, or up to 22 pounds. A standard hard paddleboard weighs 30 lb.

Inflatable paddle boards work well for calm water paddling as well as whitewater paddling. They can also be used to surf , but they aren’t as efficient at taking waves, and don’t offer the same smoothness and ease of use as heavier solid paddle boards.

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