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How Micro Influencer Marketing is Beneficial for Shopify Merchants

Shopify is known to be a leading names in the landscape of ecommerce with millions of active users. It displays a huge market share and is often a recommended online marketplace for many online buyers. With this, the marketing strategy especially when talking about influencer marketing gets seamlessly connected to Shopify. With this, let us get to understand the connection micro-influencers and Shopify merchants share.

Micro influencers are the people who are just one of us. Only thing that makes them different from us is their social media presence and the influence that they have on their followers. There is something engaging about the way they prepare their posts that earns them follower base comprising of anywhere between 1000 to 10000 followers. They are certainly not the celebrities, and so, their endorsing a product looks real and relatable. So, how do these qualities of micro-influencers work in favor of Shopify merchants? Let’s find out.

Actually, Shopify is nothing but a drop shipping business that fulfils the orders of the merchants registered with it. To give a more connectible and relatable feel to the offerings of the merchants, social content can be of great help. Here steps in the micro influencers of Instagram or other social media platforms that can help promote the products of Shopify merchants to the prospective customers in a story telling style.

Benefits of influencer marketing for Shopify merchants

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Let us now understand the advantages of influencer marketing for Shopify merchants. Instagram and other social media platforms are the places where customers are spending the most of their daily time. They like the posts, share, comment and also provide feedback in the most unfiltered manner. So, Shopify merchants get valuable customer insights that can help them have better features in the products that match customer expectations closely. Apart from the ease of access to customer insights, the micro influencers are benefiting the Shopify merchants in following ways:

Help prepare socially relevant content

Approach of using influencer marketing for Shopify merchants can help the sellers interact to the audience through stories and posts that match their taste. Influencers know the pulse of the audience and prepare content that wins followers and subsequently shares a bit easily. With the help of socially relevant content, the Shopify merchants are able to show the end users how their products can become a part of their daily routine. The sellers at Shopify also get benefit of an engaging post that fetches the product the much needed attention.

Offer chance of brand collaboration

Influencers can offer a palatable way of showing how one product in combination with other from different brand can help in offering a complete package to the customers. The brand collaboration is one of the competitive ways of entering the market. It also allows the buyers to compare different products with each other. Thus, with a symbiotic approach offered by the brand collaboration, the Shopify merchants can manage to survive and come up eventually.

Help staying unique

Shopify is merely a drop shipping platform. It does not control the sales worldwide of any product in any manner. The products available at Shopify are available at the other online avenues too. These points at the sellers’ chances of ending up looking like a clone rather than a unique personality. To help emerge as a unique voice, the Shopify merchants need creative ways of pushing the envelope. The micro-influencers offer this benefit. They define the branding message in a clear, unique and brand-specific manner. Some of the ways themicro-influencers use to bring the element of uniqueness in the product promotion are:

  • Use of unique hashtags – to help the campaign have a personality and to ensure reach to right audience
  • Run contests – to engage customers or prospective buyers while spreading the word around, it can help have rich source of user generated content (UGC) that the merchants can further repost.

Have high quality content at budget

Celebrities come with hefty price tag and their follower base does come under scanner many a times due to a portion it composed of paid category too. Thus, businesses cannot be sure that they are using their advertising money for the right audience. Moreover, the content produced by a micro-influencer is no way different from the one you see in an Instagram feed of a celebrity. Thus, to make the connection with audience using relatable people making videos or clicking photos in real atmosphere and most importantly, at a budget, helps Shopify merchants meet their promotion’s objectives withing their pocket’s reach.

Apart from these benefits, there are other most important advantages that micro-influencers finally deliver with the help of their social media presence. These benefits are:

  • High engagement rate: Give option to like, comment or share and get response that further translates into better reach
  • High page traffic: The ultimate result for which any business approaches a micro-influencer
  • Brand sentiment: To get a feel of the sentiment among people about the brand and take remedial actions on time, if required
  • More conversions: Finally, all of these leading to more sales conversions.

Shopify merchants have a lot to do. Doing the job of promoting products using in-house method is to an extent not feasible and does involve high cost too. Micro-influencers with their readymade platforms offer the best outsourcing solution for promotion to Shopify merchants.

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