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How is Applied Research Helpful for PhD Dissertation?

Are you working on finding a solution to a problem in your dissertation? If yes, then you must know that every research begins with a clear idea of the research purpose. It is because all the research processes base on that purpose. In this sense, you can carry out two approaches. One is basic research, and the other is applied research. Both have their uses in finding a solution to a problem. Both employ different methods to solve the problem you are researching in your dissertation. However, I will talk about the applied research method in today’s article. I will discuss how this particular research design is helpful in writing a dissertation. But before that, let’s define this research method first.

What Does It Mean By Applied Research, And What Are Its Characteristics?

This research is a type of research design. By using this research design, researchers find innovative solutions to a specific problem. Those problems can be about an individual, group or the whole society. This research method is also referred to as a scientific method of inquiry or contractual research. It is because it involves the practical application of scientific methods to solve common problems.

Characteristics Of Applied Research

A brief description of the main characteristics of this research is as follows:

  • It is a solution-specific research method that addresses practical problems. 
  • It addresses the problems using a range of science-based approaches.
  • This research is descriptive in nature. It first studies the problem and then gives a detailed solution.
  • Another characteristic of this research method is that it also describes the relationship between independent and dependent variables.

How Is Applied Research Beneficial In Dissertation Writing?

A dissertation is all about finding a solution to a specific problem. Suppose the problem is unique and specific. In this scenario, the only research design that can take you to its solution is the applied design. Now, you must be thinking about how this research design is helpful in addressing the dissertation problem. Do not think too much. A brief description of all the points that make it helpful is as follows:

Scope Specific Research

The applied research is scope-specific research. In a PhD dissertation, you normally look for one solution that is specific and unique. As we all know, this research design also addresses one problem at a time and gives one unique solution. It means that this is not universal but specific to one problem. This quality and benefit of the applied research method help the researchers a lot. It is because they also look for to-the-point solutions, not the universal or generalised.

Solution-Driven Research Method

Each dissertation serves a purpose and answers the research questions. The applied research method helps researchers fulfil the research purpose. Some methods expand on the knowledge without giving a proper solution. But the benefit of the applied research method is that it is a solution-driven method. It gives a solution to the problem rather than expanding the knowledge. Hence, the solution-driven nature of this method helps the researchers a lot in dissertation writing.

Helps Researchers In Finding New Knowledge

Since this method is solution-driven, it motivates the researchers a lot. The applied research method mainly focuses on discovering new information by studying the targeted population. This is also the aim of your dissertation writing. As a researcher, you want to find new knowledge by discussing the problem. Hence, this help in finding the new information makes the applied research design helpful in writing a PhD thesis.

Practical Nature Of This Research

The practical nature of this research method also helps you a lot in writing a dissertation. As mentioned earlier, it is used to solve everyday problem. In this scenario, you can use the information obtained after this research to find the solutions to that problem. It is why this method of research is always seen as practical. Further, it does not discuss the theories and theoretical approaches. It looks at things in a practical way and helps solve them.

Results Are Very Objective

A good dissertation should have objective results that are not leaned towards a specific argument. It is a problem because research bias plays an important role in this. How does the applied research help in this? It helps by providing you with results that are objective in nature. As it is narrow and scope-specific research, it does not provide you with biased solutions to the problems.

Another point that makes its results is the research environment. This research is conducted in natural environments, ensuring the results are valid. Hence, the objectiveness of the results is also helpful in writing a dissertation. And if you hire a dissertation writing service UK for this purpose, you will be able to bring perfection in the research.

Helps In Arriving At A Valid Solution

 As you all know, the basic purpose of a dissertation is to arrive at a valid and practical solution for the problem being discussed. The applied research helps the researchers in this context too. In this research design, you let the variables interact freely. It means that the independent and dependent variables can interact in an unrestricted manner. In this scenario, the other variables or third-party factors also intervene in the research. This allows the researcher to have a broader overview of the problem. Also, the researcher gets multiple solutions. In this way, the researcher selects one valid and appropriate solution in his dissertation.


Applied research is an important research design that helps researchers reach specific solutions. Unlike basic research, this research method allows you to describe the evidence and provide the solution in the context of that evidence. The objectivity in the results and the practical nature of this research make it helpful for dissertation writing. Therefore, you must read the points mentioned with special attention. They can really help you in writing a good solution-based dissertation.

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