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How Exciting is the Harry Potter Studio Tour for Kids?

Muggles, celebrate! You may summon a Portkey in London that will take you directly to Hogsmeade by taking the Harry Potter Studio tour. Eat chocolate frogs, drink Butterbeer, look at magic wands, and take a 3D tour of the Hogwarts castle while it is dark. 

Although you may read about the new world almost anywhere, Red Tricycle is the sole source providing you with all the information parents need. The Harry Potter Studio tour is tremendously entertaining for the kids as well as for the adults. If you are considering taking this tour, continue reading to learn what excitements await you on your Harry Potter tour.

You can enter immediately if you have printed off your tickets. If not, you must stop by the ticket window or make use of one of the helpful machines. If you arrive before your scheduled time, you can wait till then in the lobby.

Depending on how the day is going, they might even let you in early. When your time slot comes, you’ll be taken to a room to watch a brief video before being led to the tour’s starting point.

In case you weren’t aware, the tour is entirely self-guided. You should purchase the audio guide if you don’t already know everything you wanted to or needed to know about the location, the props, and the filming.

You will now enter the Great Hall and be free to stroll around the set as you choose. You are welcome to remain as long as you like.

You can get a very good picture of how the set is set up from the video. The Great Hall is all decked out for dinner, and at the far end of the space are some fantastic character models’ outfits. You’ll then enter the set warehouse, where there are numerous various exhibits put up. There is one each for costume and set design. There is a part that is filled with the portraits that were ordered for the films.

You’ll pass sets for the Gryffindor Dormitory, Umbridge’s Office, Malfoy Manor, the Ministry of Magic, the eerie Forbidden Forest, and the Potions Classroom, complete with “magic” cauldrons.

There is even a section of the train that you can walk through, each car representing a different decade. Additionally, Platform 9 3/4 has spaces set up for taking pictures of yourself hauling luggage, or holding a magic broomstick.

The tour includes everything you could have dreamed of. You’ll see everything. Additionally, it may take several hours to finish it all.

Before you go outside to view the exterior sets, there is a sizable Backlot cafe with plenty of seating. In case you’re hungry after hours of roaming around, the cafe also serves hot and cold meals.

If you’re curious, the Butter Beer is rather nice. It has whipped cream on top and is similar to a soda with a butterscotch flavour. But it tasted like it had been manufactured with phoney sugar. tasted a little like “diet Coke.” Though it was enjoyable to try. And the memento mugs are yours to keep.

The Hogwarts bridge, Privet Drive, Number Four, and the Knight Bus can all be seen on the backlot. The second portion of the trip will take you back inside, where you’ll see the spectacular makeup section and have an opportunity to wander through the train and Diagon Alley.

One of the tour’s highlights is entering Gringotts Wizarding Bank, where you can view the goblin bankers’ costumes and prosthetics. You can even enter the Lestrange vault and use the Sword of Gryffindor to try and capture a Horcrux. Beware the dragon that protects the vaults. It will feel as though it is breathing down your neck.

The Hogwarts Castle model, which looms amid a sizable chamber, comes near the conclusion of the tour, and you can walk around the spiral stairway to take it all in.

At the point when you’ve had your fill of the palace, you’ll exit in the gift shop – however it’s no ordinary gift shop. It’s Enormous, and in a real sense stuffed and loaded with practically every possible trinket you could need to purchase. Save a lot of chances to go through it, if you’re searching for gifts. It can take some time.

In any case, your Harry Potter Studio tour will be a surreal and magical experience for you, especially if you are a parent and are planning to take your kid there. There are no other places that give such a marvellous Harry Potter Tour as this. So, buckle up your shoes and buy tickets in advance to avoid the huge lines with this tour. A magical journey to an amazing place awaits you. Bon Voyage!

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