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How Drinking Water Helps Stop Snoring?

Someone who suffers from chronic snoring could do everything to improve sleep quality for themselves and their partner. They may experiment with mouth guards or other forms of costly or cumbersome headgear available.

One of the simplest remedies for snoring may be overlooked by snorers. You probably already have everything you need to combat your snoring habit.


In elementary school, we learn that H2O is essential for human survival. We all know that water is a crucial component of life and that we can’t survive for more than a few days without it.

The human body needs water for survival but did you know that increasing your water intake will cure snoring?

Hydration’s Impact on Sleep at Night

The best snoring remedy you can consider is to drink plenty of water. To stay alive, your body needs water. Since dehydration has many potential side effects, it’s reasonable to wonder whether it also disrupts sleep. Some of the side effects of severe dehydration are weakness, dry mouth, muscular cramps and congestion. The inability to sleep comfortably is a downside but one of the adverse effects is weariness.

However, if you drink too much water before bed, you may wake up often to urinate. You shouldn’t blame sleep deprivation and lack of fluids if you find yourself waking up often throughout the night. 

It has been hypothesized that the thickened mucus in the nose, mouth and throat contributes to snoring in chronically dehydrated patients. They claim that this leads to a blockage in the throat, which, in turn, leads to a restricted airway resulting in vibration.

You know how a stuffy nose from a cold may affect your breathing and how it can occasionally lead you to create snoring noises. Considering how seldom it happens, it’s hard to believe it’s a significant source of snoring.

Think about the impact that being awake and dehydrated has on your breathing. As mentioned before, there is some influence, although it is relatively marginal.

Even if dehydration is a component in your snoring, it is likely just one of several and drinking more water won’t help much.

Overlapping Conditions 

The idea that dehydration causes snoring is probably the result of many interrelated factors. People that snore often take shallow mouth breaths. Because of this, they will wake up with a dry mouth and throat. They can blame their dry mouth and throat if they are aware of their snoring.

One of the most significant causes of snoring is smoking. The irritation produces in the mouth and throat results from the mucus membranes drying up. This reduces the space through which air may pass, which, in turn, can cause snoring.

The risk of snoring is increased by alcohol consumption as well. There is a direct correlation between alcohol and decreased airway muscular tone, which may lead to suffocation in the absence of rehydration. This reduces airflow and heightens the possibility of snoring.

Staying Hydrated 

Water is the obvious choice for combating dehydration. Increase your water intake daily. Only then you can determine whether your snoring is rooted in a lack of fluids.

A standard recommendation is to consume water equal to half your body weight daily. That works up to 100 ounces of water daily for a guy who weighs 200 pounds. Many advocate drinking 16 glasses of water daily for men and 11 for women.

To maintain equilibrium and hydration, salt may be added. If you drink too much water, vital minerals will be flushed out of your system. Use a quarter spoonful of salt to one quart of water and see how you like it. Depending on where you stand, you may need to make some adjustments. Too much salt has the same dehydrating effect as not using enough.

You must keep drinking water until you are well hydrated. You should also stay away from dehydrating chemicals. Stimulants like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol fall under this category. Again, due to their effects on the tissues in your mouth, nose and throat, all three are thought to contribute to snoring. In addition, these stimulants are known to alter how much water the body retains.

Dairy products and red meats, in particular, have been linked to dehydration. The digestive process for these hearty meals is more laborious. That’s bad since it means they use more water and have difficulty falling asleep.


Drinking more water before bed is the easiest and best snoring remedy. The body may absorb water from several sources; however, drinking too many sugary beverages has been linked to snoring. Furthermore, you may shed more water than you take if you drink fluids besides water. Avoid other beverages whenever you can and only drink water. Additionally, it ought to be beneficial to your health as a whole.

You will notice a significant improvement in your snoring once you increase your water intake. If you don’t, your snoring can get more severe, indicating a more serious health issue.

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