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How Can You Get People To Watch Your Live Stream?

The whole world is inclined to consume video content more than any other sort of thing. The video-dominant world is a great place for businesses to introduce live streaming as their latest marketing tool. It is no wonder that every brand wants to increase awareness of its products and services while reaching a wider audience.

Well, starting the first live stream and reaching a bigger audience is what we all want, but somehow it’s not easy and quite impossible. But the very fact that increasing the number of viewers on your live stream may require a bit of strategy and action plan.

In this blog post, we are going to cover tactics on how to get people to watch your live stream over social media and live streaming platforms.

How to Get More Live Stream Viewers

The live stream is something that creates a sign of urgency and buzz, which leads more people to sign up and show up. Incorporating the live stream into the monthly content strategy for any business is one of the best ways to put you in a position to get a decent number of viewers.

Many brands and companies have significantly grown over the last few years just by being active and hosting sessions on live streaming platforms and on social media. Well, the need for additional tools and methods is quite required by lots of businesses to enhance the user experience. But there’s no need to worry because live streaming service providers offer a variety of customizable functionality.

Promote the Broadcast

When your live streams begin, it is essential to create some excitement. This is the best method to attract more people to tune in to your stream. Let your viewers know they can look forward to an incredible streaming experience from you.

This includes posting your blog on social media and other live streaming platforms. Email sequences are an excellent option here. The more information you can share about and promote your channel, the more likely people will be to join.

Here are some different ways you can market your content:

  • Social media channels
  • Podcasts
  • Online Communities
  • Email Newsletters

Get People to Pre-Register

It is an essential and foremost step to pre-register for your stream as a way to capture more leads and virtual headcounts. This tactic is probably going to motivate people to actually show up rather than just plan to. Additionally, you can set reminders or countdowns before you go live. Reminders are great to send to your registered individuals.

Collaborate With Others

Collaboration is a powerful strategy as it has the potential to increase viewership. Inviting industry leaders and subject matter experts is a great way to influence the audience of your live stream. It will also increase the credibility of your brand. The additional benefit that comes with collaboration is that you can promote it across your social media platforms, email newsletters, or whatever means of communicating with your audience you choose.

Having visitors can help your live stream gain more attention and be cross-promoted to a wider audience.

Pin The Scheduled Live Stream

You can pin your most substantial content to the top of your profile on the majority of social media sites. It’s possible to pin content to the top of your profile on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter easily.

You can make sure that the information about your live stream is visible to anyone who visits your social media page by pinning it to the top of the page. This is a fantastic way of increasing traffic to your live stream.

Promote Your Live Stream by Using Captivating Titles and Descriptions

The titles and descriptions are the ones that can influence people to click or break your video (no matter how good your content is). Short and concise is the key to succeeding here. The more engaging and appealing you are, the more likely people will visit your video. Your description is the place where you can write a little detail and include keywords related to your stream. A few other points you want to add, such as

  • A call to action such as “sign up”
  • A link to your website
  • Links to your social media channels

The search engines will be able to better index your content with the help of this information, which should ultimately increase the number of viewers for your streams.

Tease Content

Teasering your content is one of the best ways to increase viewership. It is similar to pre-releasing snippets of information. These could be anything ranging from short clips, tweets, blog posts, images, GIFs, and others. Don’t forget to add the timings of your broadcast and a registration link for sign up reminders.

Cross-Promote on All Platforms

Just do a simple exercise by utilizing all channels to promote your live stream. Share the stream’s URL before it starts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media sites where you already have a following.

Live Video SEO

SEO is simply the responsible course of action that allows any content to be indexed by the search engines.

As you might expect, live video SEO can play a significant role in increasing views. In fact, businesses that use video are more likely than non-users to have 41% more search-related web traffic.

Optimising video on the website involving good keywords and titles can boost the rankings. Hosting content on your own website rather than on Facebook, social media, or live streaming platforms can also help your SEO.

Dreamcast, for example, allows broadcasters to stream live video right on your website.

Take Your Streams to the Next Level

It is not a very big matter of concern to reach a bigger audience by utilising live streaming. But consistency and experiments are the keys that can help you achieve your targeted results. The rehearsals before going live, the quality of the content, which live streaming services in UAE you are using, platforms and a few other factors need to be understood. All of this can be understandable once you start hosting live streams on different platforms and analyse which types of things work best and satisfy your objectives.

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