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cricket id

Harry Brook is England’s future in all forms, according Kevin Pietersen.

The Hundred was excellent. Amazing crowds, great atmosphere, excellent cricket, and a thrilling finish to the men’s final topped off a fantastic tournament.

There are still issues that must be resolved for the event to continue expanding.

I believe private ownership must be implemented immediately. Now that the ECB has opted to shift the Ashes to clear August’s schedule, they have the opportunity to make this a major event.

Private ownership would enable the prize pool to increase, causing the greatest players to prioritize this competition and desire to remain for the duration.

At the end of the day, they are hired gunmen. This is the nature of the animal. The Big Bash and the new Radhe exchange in South Africa and Dubai compensate their players generously, so The Hundred must follow suit.

It must aspire to surpass the IPL as the second-largest franchise competition in the globe.

South Africa must make a last effort

A finale between England and South Africa at The Oval is a momentous event.

It should be a fantastic week, concluding the international summer in front of a large audience. I will be developing a game for Sky, which will be a lot of fun.

This is a week for everyone to leave all on the field, especially South Africa, who are concluding a grueling tour of the United Kingdom.

I have no doubt that Mark Boucher will urge his players to put up one last heroic effort. He will rouse his soldiers.

They should choose Marco Jansen for this Test since they made a mistake by leaving him off the roster at Old Trafford.

Given England’s performance, it should be a terrific week.

Injury to Bairstow demonstrates how precarious your career is

Sport is a challenging profession because everything can be snatched from you so soon.

Jonny Bairstow likely awoke last week believing that everything he touches turns to gold, but one mistake may ruin the rest of the year.

Athletes must treasure each and every day in which they are physically fit and competing at the greatest level, as these things are possible.

It is also a message to all children. I always remind my son that accidents and injuries are possible, so he should always be prepared.

The desire to succeed in sports is admirable, but an education and life outside of the game are essential.

Obviously, Jonny has already reached the summit, but it’s such a shame that his amazing year ends in such a manner.

On the other hand, it gives a really skilled batsman the opportunity to begin his England career.

I would not have fallen. John Roy

I understand why they made this decision, but I would have kept Jason Roy for the T20 World Cup.

You do not want an inexperienced batsman to bat first at the Melbourne Cricket ID Ground. You want that stability at the top and the knowledge of what is required for such a momentous event.

I am aware that he has experienced some dreadful firings. This summer, he has rarely been able to score a run.

After the World Cup, it may have been time to release him, especially if he underperformed.

However, I’m sad for him since he had a stellar England career and deserved another shot at a big competition.

Brilliant to witness India against Pakistan again

India vs. Pakistan is without a doubt one of the most important sporting events ever.

It is evident in the UK. So many others have inquired as to whether I watched it, if I was following it, and what my opinion was. Due to the nature of this two nations’ conflict, the atmosphere is so tense.

Due to the fact that both teams have won one Twenty20 match in the Asia Cup, we may anticipate a final within the next few days.

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