Guide to Meditech EHR Software Pricing Plans

Meditech has a range of EHR software pricing plans, which vary widely based on the features and cost. Some of the common features include Streamlined Care Coordination, Costs, and Add-on features. Others require a request for information or proposal. You can find the details on a Meditech EHR pricing plan here. Alternatively, you can request a demo of the product by filling out an online request form.

Streamlined Care Coordination

Meditech EHR software pricing plans can help you determine the right solution for your healthcare practice. These plans are based on subscriptions, and depend on practice size and the features users need. This article will discuss three Meditech EHR software pricing plans that provide streamlined care coordination for healthcare providers. The Meditech EHR software pricing plans are divided into three categories: basic, enterprise, and comprehensive.

Meditech EHR software is a comprehensive healthcare information system that focuses on facilitating day-to-day operations, optimizing care delivery, and improving customer service. The company’s EHR is highly integrated, allowing hospitals and practices of all sizes to access and use patient data easily. It also makes it easy for physicians to collaborate with other healthcare providers using the software. Further, the Meditech EHR’s integrated platform allows users to access their patient information from anywhere in the world.


The cost of a Meditech EHR software subscription depends on several factors. First, Meditech Expanse is based on a subscription model. However, the price of the software is determined by the number of users and the features they need. With a monthly price of about $300, Meditech Expanse is affordable and easily customizable. Second, the Meditech EHR software subscription is easy to use and requires little or no training. Third, the costs of Meditech software depend on several factors, including the number of users and practice size.

Meditech Expanse EHR

MEDITECH Expanse EHR software is an integrated health information system that helps providers manage and protect patient data. It helps reduce the administrative burden on clinicians. The software has many features to support remote communication, including iPhone health records. It allows physicians and patients to access their records through Expanse Virtual Care and the Patient and Consumer Health Portal. The software is compatible with a variety of mobile devices and Windows OS. It also features High Availability SnapShot, which allows users to access patient data even if the system is unavailable. MEDITECH EHR software comes with maintenance fees and installation fees. It also charges for customization, training, and installation costs.

Add-on features

The MEDITECH EHR software pricing plans offer several features that can be added to the base program for an additional fee. Depending on the practice size and features that the user wants, MEDITECH’s Expanse system can be used in either the ambulatory or the acute setting. A subscription model is also available. MEDITECH offers several pricing plans for their software, including one for smaller practices and another for larger ones.

Voice Assistant Functionality

In the last year, Meditech added voice assistant functionality to its Expanse EHR software. The voice assistant allows users to search patient charts using their voice to retrieve lab results, medications, and other medical data. The Expanse platform was chosen by the American Health Information Management Association as its flagship system for training students on EHR digital technology. Over 16,000 college students from 300 colleges take EHR training courses.

Requires a request for information/request for proposal

MEDITECH has consistently outperformed the competition in the fields of Large/IDN, Acute Care EMR, and Overall Software Suite. The company was also a top performer when it came to market share growth in 2022. If you are looking to purchase an EHR system for your practice, a request for information or request for proposal is required.

MEDITECH’s EHR solution is highly customizable and allows providers to secure patient information while maintaining communication with patients. Additionally, the software is designed to minimize administrative burden on clinicians. Meditech is committed to the interoperability movement, contributing to the CommonWell Health Alliance and participating in Argonaut’s FHIR Project. This is one of the reasons why MEDITECH EHRs remain at the forefront of this growing market.

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