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Guide to Custom Cardboard Boxes

Custom packaging is becoming a need of every industry. The advancements in packaging have changed everything. Whatever we purchase, from basic household items to luxurious products, comes in cardboard boxes. No one can deny their significance. Several wholesale manufacturers are available in the market, providing you with affordable cardboard boxes for sale at affordable rates. They are attractive enough to grasp the attention of customers. Providing customers with the best packaging is the best way to retain them. They can make your product stand out from others on retail shelves. Cardboard boxes online can also be purchased from their e-commerce website. Custom packaging is the best way to engage the customers in your brand. A complete guide to custom cardboard boxes is as follows:

Select The Suitable Material For Cardboard Boxes:

Selecting a suitable material is the main step of the process. The choice of material depends upon the type of product you want to fit in. The cardboard is the best choice if your product is fragile but lightweight. Cardboard is a most versatile material with different features. The use of cardboard prevents the product from breakage or any external damage. It is durable enough to ensure maximum protection to it. When heavy items like machinery, corrugated or E-fluted cardboard should be used, it can be a single, double, or tripped wall depending on your requirements. Kraft paper is preferred for everyday used products like cereals, soaps, and other households. It is lightweight but not as strong as cardboard but ensures safe product delivery. It keeps them safe from light, moisture, and other atmospheric effects.

Choose A Box Style:

Custom Boxes provides you with unlimited box style options to fit your need. Selecting the right box type is essential to make your brand stand out. You can choose from product boxes, shipping boxes, mailer boxes for subscriptions, and many others. It’s your choice to go for a box with tuck-flaps or a lid. For various occasions, different boxes are available like gift boxes, favor boxes, pillow boxes, etc. Sleeve packaging can also be used for luxurious products like watches or jewelry. Before moving to print options, make a deep analysis of the nature of the product and choose a box style accordingly.      

Cardboard Boxes: Select The Dimensions:

Working on the size of cardboard boxes for sale is a matter of concern. Designing a perfectly fitted box can solve many problems. It keeps the item in its place and reduces the chance of damage. Moreover, it also saves your cost of using filler material to fill a large box. For this purpose, you need to analyze your product and measure its dimensions. Keep a margin of a half to one an inch. This facilitates easily fitting the product in without damaging the box.

Finalize Customization Options For Cardboard Boxes:

Once the size of the cardboard boxes is finalized, the next step is to work on customization options. Customers are free to choose from different color schemes. It’s your choice to go natural colored packaging or choose a combination of bold colors. Various designs and patterns are introduced on the box. Die cut options and window panes can be made as per requirement. Using interesting and colorful graphics can add more appeal to your box packaging.

Work On Printing Techniques:

Depending on the requirement of the product and your budget, you can choose from different printing techniques. The most popular ones are digital and offset printing. These techniques are not much expensive but produce high-quality results. You can also imprint the company’s logo and other related details on the custom cardboard boxes. This creates brand awareness and makes people remember your brand as they shop. Special lamination and finishes are appling at the end to give a more inspiring look to your packaging.

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