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ArcheryGB is the largest national governing body for archery. Archery GB manages every level of archery in the UK from the elite to advanced. It has more than 40000 members. Archery GB is the umbrella organisation that encompasses English Archery Association and Archery Northern Ireland, Scottish Archery and Welsh Archery Association. There are eight Regional Societies under Archery GB, as well as a variety of different county societies. It is an affiliate and member of the World Archery Federation (WA) and was previously FITA, the Federation Internationale de Tir a l’Arc. The motto of the society is “Union Trueheart and Courtesie”. World Archery is the another largest national governing body for Archery.


Archery GB is the largest archery society for target archery in the UK. It also includes all forms of archery, such as Clout archery, field archery, or even field archery.

It is currently responsible for over two million members and 750 clubs. Each of them can be able to access Archery UK four times per year as part of their membership. It hosts national tournaments, coaches, and makes sure that clubs affiliated to it are covered by their insurance policy for public liability. The costs could be paid for by affiliation fees which all club members contribute to Archery GB and county associations.


In 1843, the very first Grand National Archery Meeting took place at the Knavesmire in York. However, the Grand National Archery Society (later Archery GB), was not founded in 1861 when it began to meet at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. Its primary function was to organize the Annual National Championships. This was then just one of the archery clubs. The GNAS was not able to become the supreme body for the UK until some time later. It became mandatory for archers wanting to shoot or compete at a club to become an GNAS member. The administration was handled by regions, counties, and clubs.

Some of the Archery Equipment list:

The Royal Toxophilites, Woodmen of Arden and the Royal Company of Archers are three more historical, older and important societies that are still in existence in the present. While they’re distinct from the GNAS however, some members could be members of both.

GNAS/Archery GB is now well-established in the Olympics. British archers have received a total of four medals since 1972 after which the sport was brought back to its former splendor.

Craig David was named the bow selector for the British Archery Team’s team for April 2021.

Rebranding Archery GB

The official announcement was made at the Annual General Meeting, held in Lilleshall on April 19th, 2008, which confirmed that Archery GB will be the trade name of the GNAS. This article is from the issue of Summer 2008 of Archery UK. The official GNAS publication states:

This significant moment in the history of the Society formalizes the transition, which is in its early stages. The Archery GB branding was adopted by the best archers. The Archery GB brand will now be used to represent all aspects of the organisation which includes the Olympic team and coaching programs, as well as events as well as membership. The Grand National Archery Society brand does not reflect the organisation’s global status and size. The brand has been changed. The logo is old-fashioned, somewhat drab, and the name is a picture of an isolated organisation that is prone to horse racing. This is not a good image of a governing organization like this.

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