Gojek Clone Malaysia

New Gojek Clone Malaysia Features That Handle 82+ On-Demand Services with Ease 

A multi-service on-demand app like the original Gojek app from Indonesia is challenging to launch. Now, not so much! Smart businesspeople who are reading this blog could already be aware of what on-demand apps are and how a pre-built app with several service facilities might turn them into millionaires. In any case, let’s dive into the specifics without wasting any more time for those who are unaware of any of this!

What Makes Gojek Clone Attractive To The Clients?

On-demand delivery apps are having a big impact on almost every industry. It is difficult to imagine a business in Malaysia area that is impacted by on-demand mobile app services. The great attractiveness of the on-demand application is one of the main contributing causes.

Door-to-door delivery, secure payment methods, and easy access to a wider range of products and services. In fewer than ten years, industries have seen substantial change, as have business practises. The new-normal way of doing business has changed all we have ever known.

Gojek Handles 82+ Services Seamlessly Through New Features 2022

  1.  Login Using Face Id and Fingerprint

New login options include Face ID for iPhone apps and Fingerprint for Android apps. Users no longer need to remember their usernames and passwords in order to log in because of this method of login.

  • Online Video Consultation

Online video consultation has gain momentum during COVID19 and continues to be in demand since then.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Using Gojek Clone makes it simpler to obtain this service. Online video consultations with doctors, attorneys, tutors, fitness instructors, and even astrologers are offered. Do not worry if you receive a consultation away from your home. It might happen at any time.

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Keep in mind that this service only accepts payments made by credit card.

  • Service Bid

The KINGX 2022 App is the only channel for accessing this service. After choosing the desired Handyman Category, users can post a task here with details about the project. All Handymen in the chosen category will receive requests when the post is submitted. Now, contractors including plumbers, electricians, and house painters can submit bids.

  • New UI/UX Sign-in and Signup

The process for signing up and signing in now includes the cell phone number and OTP-based authentication. This technique does away with the need to memorise usernames and passwords. The user’s mobile ID and cell phone number are crucial components of the new sign-in and sign-up flow’s UI/UX.

  • Country-wise Different Payment Gateway Support

This option is helpful when a site owner has operations in several nations and has to enable local payment processing for that nation’s banks.

  • Video Call Option

The feature allows the delivery drivers/service providers and users to make video call in case of any queries, and confusion.

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App

Drivers and users can m Users may now use their Apple Watch to order a taxi and enjoy the ride. This Apple Watch software makes it easier to make a taxi reservation. The user may choose the type of cab, the pick-up and drop-off locations, and make payments all directly from their Apple Watch. If a video call is necessary, do so.

Users can also have goods chosen for them or delivered from a nearby shop or store that isn’t registered with the app using the Delivery Genie feature of the Gojek clone app. The customer can pay for both the delivery and the order’s contents when the Genie brings the package to their door.

Users can also choose to hire a Delivery Runner to pick up or deliver items in their neighbourhood.

In Conclusion

Develop a customized Super Gojek Clone Malaysia with Prominent components that are aimed to make you millionaire quickly. Connect with the V3Cube App representative today to discuss your All in One inclusive App requirements, meanwhile download the Live Demo to get the feel.

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