Go green with Floorspace coir mats

The ongoing trend is going green. With the environmental crisis on high alarm, there is a shift in consumer choices to eco-friendly products. People prefer to purchase a large variety of household products that support the ecosphere and aresustainable. This is becausecli mate change has surpassed the danger level and posesa threat to our existence on earth. A welcome doormat is a five-star item to depict your willingness to upcoming visitors andsurprise arrivals. Furthermore, an eco-friendlyfront door mat is a great gesture to show your concern fornature and greeting etiquettes.

Environmental conservation is the call of the decade. With rising pollution levels and global warming, there is an urgent need to shift our consumerchoicestoward sustainable eco-friendly options.  It is inevitable to preserve life on this planet. Goinggreen is the new niche. Preferring eco-friendly matting options is one such way to counter environmental crisesandpromote a healthy lifestyle and approach.

Coir is derived fromthe husk of the coconut. Itgrows in the partlying midway between the husk of coconut andthe outer shell. Coir has a natural golden appearance, thus it is also called golden fibre. Nevertheless, the coir fibres are not initially golden but later on, as they become hard, it acquires a yellowish golden appearance due to lignin posts on their surface.

Here, we bring you some of the outstandingadvantages of Floorspace coir mats that give it an upper hand over the synthetic alternatives:

Coir mats are insulating in nature i.e. they do not allow heatand electricity to passthrough them. This attribute of coir mats offers to pad against extreme temperatures.

It requires low maintenance. Owing to themolecularstructure of the fibres, it does not attract dust and dirt and therefore requiresminimummaintenance. A single stroke of vacuumcleaningis sufficient to ward off any dust or moulds or you just need to shake it for some time.

Coir mats are resistant to moisture;and the growth of harmful microorganisms like fungi, rot or moths is barred on coir mats thereby making them an ideal choice for humid-laden areas like kitchen or bathroom entrance or frontdoor entrance.

It does not lose its shape even after continuous usage for a prolongedperiod.

Not only the manufacturing but also the disintegration of coir mats are eco-friendly. It is absolutely biodegradable i.e. it does notemit any harmful toxins into theenvironment.

Pricing is a major factor when it comesto consumerchoices;the cost-effectiveness of coir mats makesit themostpreferred choice amongst consumers over the synthetic counterparts.

A coir mat is a perfect frontdoor accessory. It complements in giving your homean altogetherexquisiteand different look to your interiors as well as exteriors.

One can choose from floral prints, nautical prints, and customized mats that have poems or phrases written over them suiting the requirement of the customers.

Furthermore,Floorspace coir mats come witha rubber backing that is also recyclable and used to manufacture a variety of other products.

The coir mats come with a variety ofbenefits. To name a few, it can be laid on stairways or hallway runners. Also, one can easily cut these mats to require lengths if they do not want a lengthy mat.

With growing landfills, there is an immediate need to take stringent steps for controllingenvironmental pollution. Purchasing eco-friendly Floorspace coir mats is a great option to keep up with the changing times.

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