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Get Instagram followers fast with a bot – is it real in 2022?


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Get Instagram followers fast with a bot – is it real in 2022?

In 2022 you can set up your Instagram follower bot according to your goals – your best hashtags, your most popular competitors – and get tons of followers. Why will relevant and interested Instagram followers come to your profile? Will it be only because of the mass following?

No, the newest Instagram bots can create big activity around your profile. Instagram follower bots will watch stories of your potential followers, will like their comments, comment on their posts, and even answer the polls and react to their stories.


To find an Instagram tool that will get you targeted, professionally selected, and relevant Instagram followers, not just a random working auto-like Instagram bot

check how many followers can you get in 2-4 weeks for the money that the subscription costs

find out if there are Instagram bots that will work and are not a scam.

Do you think we’ve found it? Yes, one real tool exists. The best Instagram bot. And you will find it in this review we made of 8 popular Instagram bots. We’ve bought subscriptions for all of them and evaluated each on the same criteria.


#8 Social Captain: Closed and stole our money!

Situation and circumstances: Social Captain is now closed! After a few days of work it stopped and closed – without any refund. The support is silent, which is disgusting.

Prognosis:Such a service will reopen again under a new name and will steal money from someone like you!

popular Instagram bots

#7 Kenji: Scam service!

Situation and circumstances: Nothing good about this Instagram follower service. We paid almost $50 for nothing. Nothing. It told us that a “warm-up mode” is needed and nothing will be done during these few days. But on the sixth, seventh, and all subsequent days of our subscription, nothing changed. No followers were gained. No activity by this bot. It just showed fake stats on the dashboard. But the real account was not promoted. Their customer support is not working at all.

Prognosis: This service will work only to show fake information to its users and to steal their money.

#6 Growthoid: Not a bot!

Situation and circumstances: We discovered that Growthoid is a service for the manual promotion of Instagram accounts. It is not an automated tool, but a service where somebody enters your account (a real person!) and likes other accounts, and watches their stories for you.

Prognosis: This is a silly and out-of-date method of promotion. It will get your account in a shadow ban and then in a real ban soon – as a person can’t do a full daily promotion (because of timing and limits for any action on Instagram). A human will just make a mistake one day (and every mistake can cause a ban!), and a bot never makes a mistake.

#5 Followyst: Is there anybody, who can use it?

Situation and circumstances: This service is nearly impossible to use, as you need to download special software to your laptop, adjust a lot of settings, and connect your phone and laptop continuously via USB cable. And still, it is not enough. The service will work poorly, with lots of errors and stops. There is no support at all.

Prognosis: You might try to use this service, but it will cause you a headache and soon you’ll push it away.

out-of-date method of promotion

#4 HyperInstagram: No targeting

Situation and circumstances: This bot has no relevant targeting; it just follows and unfollows random people without any goal. Moreover, it does it poorly – with lots of authorizations, mistakes, and problems. This bot works with pauses and frozen days when nothing can force it to work. There is no support team.

When you buy it, it seems that you will be able to automate the viewing of stories, liking comments, and everything else – but no, the service will only follow people.

Prognosis: You probably won’t find out all the bad things about this bot, as you probably won’t pass the requirements to use the service. They have really difficult recommendations to use this bot with your Instagram

#3 Nitro: It won’t fulfill your goals and will get your account banned

Situation and circumstances: Nitro does nothing with your account but shows in the stats that everything is done. The stats are a lie. In 7-10 days it finally starts to follow people but only following. This is a scam, as they claim on their website that they will do Live Reactions, Poll Votes & Question Sticker Answering. Nothing was done from this list.

#2 Upleap: Irrelevant followers from Indian Whatsapp groups

Situation and circumstances: Upleap will give you irrelevant followers from India only. Indian boys 14-18 years old – that’s all that you need to know about Upleap. But there will be a lot of followers like this. 200-300 maybe, but no activity from them. When setting up an account (by the way, very simple and easy), we chose hashtags that the audience of the account will be targeting, as well as accounts, which will guide the style of the audience.

This targeting is just a formality because you’ll just get all the same boys from India – no matter if you’re targeting American women or Chinese men.

subscribers to account

Further in the correspondence, Upleap team admitted that to ensure the influx of subscribers to their account, they use the accounts of special groups of people from their resources – WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

Prognosis: They will steal money for their scam service and nobody will want to use them a second time after the first unsuccessful try.

#1 Inflict: The one that works

Situation and circumstances: We set up Inflict at the beginning of November, and through the 1st of December the account got 250 new relevant followers.

This is just magic after all the services we’ve tried. It has a 2-5 day warm-up mode, this is a kind of an unpleasant thing, but it is required to avoid a ban. check now

relevant users

But after this it starts following, liking, watching stories, and liking comments of relevant users. It’s a targeted and relevant audience for your account. And it works very smoothly and coolly, as it needs to be. This is a real Instagram bot, the only working automation tool in 2022. It makes your life much easier.

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