Degree Certificate Apostille in Mumbai

Get a Valid Degree Certificate Apostille in Mumbai and Be Future Ready

Students, job seekers, and families move to another country for personal reasons. Moving to another country brings another set of problems. Many countries do not legalize documents from other countries. The countries that have signed the 1961 Hague Convention have the convenience for validating documents issued by other countries. This convention has abolished the need for the legalization of international public documents. After you get this certificate, you are free to carry your indigenous documents. In this regard, Degree Certificate Apostille in Mumbai offers help to the inhabitants of India. Apart from Mumbai, Apostille services are available in the other 15 cities of India.

Need of Apostille

For getting a student visa, residential visa, work visa, or business intent, Apostille is required. With that, it is certified that you are a creditworthy person. It offers firsthand cognizance of the person in question. 


The apostille certificate in India is a square shape stamp. Eleven fields are printed on the stamp. The main features of the 1961 Hague Convention are mentioned on the stamp. You need to register for Apostille at the centers providing Apostille services. It can be at any center in the 15 cities of India.

  • Home Department must validate the certificate
  • The Chamber of Commerce can also verify it.
  • There is a division of certificates in three ways.


The certificates are divided into three forms. People move from one country to another due to following needs.

  • Personal
  • Commercial
  • Educational

For personal needs, the certification is needed from Home Department. For commercial reasons, the Chamber of Commerce gives the certification. In the case of education needs, the Human Resource Department is the issuing authority. All are connected to the Ministry of External Affairs.

Time Taken In the Procedure

Government procedures take a longer time. On average, it may take three to four weeks for the certification. But, consultants at MEA can help the job done in lesser time.


The cost of the procedure is not fixed. For the fast procedure, the cost may exceed. When you take the help of consultant services, they may charge accordingly.

Some firms provide Apostille services. If you need a Marriage Certificate Apostille in Mumbai, contact these services. Students, professionals, businessmen, and families can contact them for their job done faster.

Degree Certificate Apostille in Mumbai is necessary if you are moving out of India for higher studies. In the same way, if you want to settle in a foreign country, then Marriage Certificate Apostille in Mumbai is deemed necessary. For a married couple, a marriage certificate aids in getting houses and other facilities.

Documents required for the degree certificate are a passport and original certificate. The Apostille stamp is attached to the back of the documents. These attested documents are handy whether your visit is for a few days or years. You will need them now and then in the destination country for a trouble-free journey and stay, Apostille. Check for the countries that have signed the Hague Convention of 1961. You can visit these countries only with the Apostille Certification.

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