Future Of Android Apps: 7 Trends To Watch Out In 2023

Android is continue to expand its growth with skyrocket speed.  As of 2022, there are over 3 Billion Android smartphones and 24,000 different types of mobile devices. This massive number of devices is creating more scope for Android app development since users always expect up-to-date features and mobile experience. 

As more innovations and feature-loaded smartphones are coming into the market, new trends have started reshaping the future of Android apps. Whether it is AR/VR, AI,  foldable smartphones, or be it mobile commerce, new Android app trends are set to transform the upcoming Android future. Want to know what those trends are?

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What Is Meant By Trends In Android Apps?

Trends mean when there is an evolution or disruption of new technology or any kind of innovation. In Android apps, trends refer to the emergence of new changes either in the Android app development field, Android phones, or mobile apps. 

These trends matter a lot since they directly influence the user’s life and market. For businesses, Android app trends are a great opportunity for utilizing it for developing innovative solutions and taking a competitive advantage. 

7 Android App Trends That Will Reshape The Future Of Android

As we have understood what is meant by trends. Now, let us take a look at those trends which are set to reshape the future of Android apps. 

1: Blockchain In Android Apps

Blockchain is one of the most trending and fastest-evolving technologies. It is a decentralized and distributed ledger technology that records information in a chain of multiple blocks. Blockchain eliminates the need for the involvement of any third party or middle-man and provides robust security, transparency, and improved efficiency. Due to its diverse benefits, the use of blockchain in Android apps is acquiring a fast pace. 

Blockchain is being used for many purposes to create peer-to-peer mobile payment apps, crypto exchange apps, mobile wallets, and decentralized Android apps. Top Android app development company uses blockchain to build advanced security features and protocols in apps. This growing adoption of blockchain in Android app development has led to an open wider scope for blockchain-based Android apps in the near future. 

2: AI-Powered Apps 

Artificial intelligence is the most sensational technology in the present time. There would be hardly any industry that would not have utilized this transformative technology. AI enables a system or application to work with human-like intelligence and capability. And therefore, AI is being widely implemented in Android apps to create a variety of features and advanced-level functionalities. 

By using artificial intelligence, developers build innovative and next-gen apps which are not possible by other technologies. This utilization of AI in Android has increased the demand for AI-powered apps. Today, users look for AI-based Android apps for various purposes like voice assurance, language detection, data security, and reducing Android app development cost. So the way this trend is emerging, it is sure to reshare the future of Android. 

3: Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is one of the hottest trends in Android apps. Modern consumers now prefer using their smartphones and mobile devices for shopping online. The reason behind the evolution of mobile commerce is that it provides fast, easy, and cost-efficient online shopping solutions. 

It allows consumers to use mobile apps for searching, buying, and making payments for products easier than eCommerce. As per Statista report, retail mobile commerce sales are projected to reach $710 Billion in the USA by 2025. So, this expansion of m-commerce will drastically affect Android apps in the upcoming years. 

4: Augmented And Virtual Reality

Remember the famous game Pokemon Go? This famous Android game created a sensation through its innovative gaming feature. This was because of augmented reality. AR and VR allow users to interact with the real-world environment and make changes within the app to experience their desired content or elements. 

Developers and app creators are taking immense advantage of augmented and virtual reality to create immersive features and experiences. And businesses have witnessed huge success and drastic improvement by implementing augmented and virtual reality in their Android apps. Hence, this trend is expected to impact android apps in various ways. 

5: Folding Display

Foldable displays are gradually expanding its legs in the mobile industry. It offers a whole new experience of mobile screens in smartphones and mobile devices breaking traditional approaches. Foldable displays can be changed into different screen sizes in real-time. It allows users to conveniently optimize their mobile screen as per their choice. And this new trend has created a specific need for Android app development for foldable smartphones. ‘

The massive adoption of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Oppo Find N, and Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is compelling Android app development companies and developers to create custom Android apps for foldable displays. As a result, the market will witness new changes in the field of Android app development trends in the upcoming time. 

6: Metaverse App

Metaverse is grabbing everyone’s attention. Its ability to provide a real-world-like virtual environment and experience makes it a very interesting and promising technology for the future. In the metaverse, users can do many things whichever is done in the real world. They can interact with other users in real-time and create 3D virtual elements as per their own choices. 

Businesses from different industries are using metaverse for gaming, online marketplace, crypto, NFT exchanges, and more. However, the current metaverse platforms are currently available on web platforms. But considering its growing popularity and futuristic benefits, there is a huge demand for metaverse apps for Android mobile users. And many startups have already come up with metaverse apps for Android users. So this trend will emerge significantly and reshape the future in an amazing way. 

7: Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform apps run across all mobile operating systems. It doesn’t require developing apps for every OS platform. Developers can create a mobile app using a single codebase for Android, iOS, and other platforms. For businesses, cross-platform app development provides immense benefits in terms of saving time, development efforts, and cost. 

And due to these advantages, the cross-platform development approach in Android is increasing substantially. Businesses hire Android app developers for developing cross-platform apps rather than native apps. Since it gives great benefits, the demand for cross-platform Android apps will increase more in the near future. 


Android is a big market. It provides a wider scope for innovation and the adoption of new emerging trends. Android relatively brings more frequent updates and the latest features for satisfying ongoing user needs and market requirements. 

And therefore, whenever new trends emerge, it gives a huge opportunity for businesses. So as a business owner if you want to utilize the benefits of these trends in the future, you must find an expert Android app development company that can assist you to build a futuristic And

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