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Buy MTP Abortion Pills Online in USA – Abortions are never an easy decision to make. Except few, many women never opt for abortions in a haze. Even when it comes to unwanted pregnancies, the decision to abort the baby drains the woman physically and mentally. Though the process of abortion is quick in medical terms, the process that the women undergo is taxing on them. It involves the process of removal of an unborn foetus from the body of a woman, and it may cause trauma issues as well.

With medical technology advancements, there are numerous new techniques and procedures developed to ease abortion pain. New medications are being developed which can reduce the side effects and have a very minimum reaction on the women. The method of abortion is decided based on the underlying medical condition of the woman and the baby. There are surgical as well as medical methods available today. Though both have their advantages and disadvantages, this article is about the Medical Abortion procedure in its entirety. This procedure involves the use of pills or medications taken orally and does not involve surgical methods.


This type of abortion procedure is done with the help of medications. Medications are effective only during the early pregnancy stages. This process of termination does not involve any risk factors and can be carried out at home itself. Also, it does not cause any adverse reactions in the patients.

However, it must also be noted at this juncture, is that the medical termination of pregnancy is possible only up to 20 weeks of gestation period. If the woman is past this limit, then it becomes illegal to terminate such a pregnancy.

However, the crucial point, in this case, is to avoid taking medicines on your own at any cost. This threat arises because there are several over-the-counter abortion pills available in drug stores nearby. These pills, must not be consumed based on your self-assumptions because you won’t know about the stage of pregnancy that you are in. There are various types of pregnancies like ectopic ones that are placed outside of the uterus. In this case, if you consume abortion pills it will result in a bloody consequence, which may even end up threatening your life.

We tend to hear about certain pills like the morning-after pill or the I-pill. It is a common misconception that these are abortion pills. However, it is crucial to note that these pills have no role in causing miscarriages. These pills are an immediate solution for avoiding conception as a whole. They do not play any role in the termination of the pregnancy once it is formed. So, trying to consume these pills to cause abortion may end in vain and also in danger to the lives in a few cases.

If you are eligible for termination through medicines, then the gynaecologist may prescribe abortion medications that will terminate the pregnancy efficiently. There is no necessity to stay in the hospital for this procedure, and you can do it in the comfort of your home itself. The common set of medications initially prescribed for the termination of pregnancy is Mifepristone. These are available in the form of pills as well as injection forms. The second stage of medications is Misoprostol, usually given post 3 to 7 days after the first dosage.

Along with medications, antibiotics are also given to avoid any infections. The pills work by cutting out progesterone, and this reduction will affect the uterine layer. And ultimately, the pregnancy is affected. The process involves pushing the foetus out through contractions. This process can take place over a few hours or days. After this process, it is a must to have a visit with the gynaecologist to make sure that the abortion process is complete without any complications

Though these are pills, the second set of medications is required to be taken through the mouth or the vaginal canal. Since this process takes place over a few hours to days, there is no involvement of anaesthesia as it is done during surgical procedures. These procedures can be followed at the doctor’s clinic or even in the comfort of your home.


  1. Women, who are at the early stages of pregnancy up to 9 weeks are eligible for medication-induced pregnancy.
  2. It is advisable only till the 9th week because, after this period, the medications are not effective and can also result in serious issues to the health of the person.
  3. Also, for Women who may have any other prevailing conditions, like anaemia, high blood pressure, and cases of ectopic pregnancy, this procedure is not recommended.
  4. Women with conditions like a renal failure are usually not advised to take up medical abortion procedures.
  5. If any woman is already diagnosed with a condition which required her to take steroids for a long time, then such a woman will not be advised to go for a medical abortion process. Such is the case for women who are under prescription drugs.
  6. If a woman is with an intrauterine device, she must mention it to the doctor first before medications for abortions are prescribed. It is essential to remove the device to facilitate the abortion process.


  1. When a doubt arises that you might be pregnant, consider taking a self-test at home through test kits available in pharmacies. Once it is visible through the test kit that you might be positive, then you must visit a gynecologists’.
  2. The gynecologists’ will run USG tests on you. These are nothing, but ultrasound tests which are required to determine the age of the foetus.
  3. Also, these ultrasound tests are essential to identify and confirm if the pregnancy is inside and not outside the uterus. It will also reveal any presence of tumours in the uterus.
  4. At this stage, the gynecologists’ will check for any underlying condition like anaemia or the presence of any sexually transmitted diseases that might cause harm to the unborn child.
  5. It is the gynecologists’, who will confirm your pregnancy and will determine the number of weeks your pregnancy has reached.
  6. After this stage, it is up to your discretion whether to continue with the pregnancy or to opt for termination. If you wish to continue with it, then the doctor will prescribe you supplements and other medications for the healthy development of the foetus.


The major issues or symptoms that you may counter during medical abortions are

  1. Vaginal bleeding: Abortion procedures involve heavy vaginal bleeding. When this occurs, there is nothing to worry about because it is considered normal during abortion procedures. This is common with the intake of Misoprostol. Bleeding occurs during the initial few hours after Misoprostol. In case your pregnancy is less than 8 weeks, then bleeding might be minimal. In other cases, that is above 8 weeks of pregnancy, you may encounter tissue discharges through blood. Also, such heavy bleeding will minimize after the tissue passes out. However, if the bleeding persists with pain, then visit the doctor’s clinic immediately.
  2. Cramping with pain: It is common for vaginal bleeding to be accompanied by pain and cramps. Similar to bleeding, this might tend to subside with time. Common over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen; can be taken to control the pain. If the pain becomes unbearable, then a visit to the gynecologists’ becomes mandatory.
  3. You can also experience fever and chills along with vomiting and diarrhoea as a side effect of the consumption of Misoprostol. It must be within tolerable limits or else immediately visit the medical practitioner.

After your medication routines are over, make sure to visit the doctor’s clinic regularly. The entire recovery process may take up to 2 weeks and the women would require mental and physical support to go through the process. When you feel these symptoms are recurring or gaining ground, make sure to talk with a therapist to sort out the issue. Usually, the medical abortion process is 98% effective if the pregnancy is around 9 to 10 weeks long. However, it is natural for some deviations to occur. In that case, the doctor may advise you to go for surgical abortion procedures.

The major advantage involved in this process is that you can buy abortion pill packs online and cheap abortion pill packs are available. You can buy abortion pill packs online with easy procedures. These methods are effective and more private when compared to surgical or invasive methods.

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