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Face Verification in USA: Fighting Fraud through AI-Driven System

Face verification system in USA is becoming more popular these days. Big tech companies opt for face verification to authenticate the identities of the staff members and newly onboarding clients to fight identity theft. The turnaround time is just a few seconds which is crucial to guarantee a positive experience for customers. Authenticating the identity of clients is important to discourage bad actors from getting access to sensitive financial data. According to recent statistics, the financial worth of face verification in USA market was estimated at around $5 B in 2021 and the forecast shows growth to $12.67 B by 2028. 

A Glance into the History of Face Verification

Woody Bledsoe, Helen Chan, and Charles Bisson introduced face verification technology to the world. They initially worked on the technology to receive human faces as input. 

Harmon, Lesk, and Goldstein were the researchers who modified the software to verify human faces based on factors such as hair color and lick thickness. In 1970, scientists introduced 21 subjective markers to identify human faces successfully. 

Face Verification in USA: How Does the Facial Recognition System Work?

The face authentication solution works by evaluating the facial signature of the user to show results in real-time. Using the advanced features of liveness detection and 3D depth analysis, the face verification in USA displays the verification results. The working of the face verification system is backed up by complex AI & ML algorithms to ensure accuracy and timely update of the technology. As per George Town University research, approximately half of the US population’s face data is in the database of law enforcement agencies. The working mechanism of face verification in USA is as follows.

  • The software asks the user to submit a selfie or stand in front of the camera to verify the face
  • The AI technology uses various advanced features to authenticate the face of the client, for instance, micro-expression analysis
  • In the case of genuine application/identity, the customer sees the final verification results

If the customer tries to fool the system by showing a fake photo, the security system rejects the application immediately. Some companies even offer video-based face verification in USA. The KYC services in USA guides the end-user during the short interview. The professional not only verifies the identity of the user but also validates the documents during the session. In some cases, consent verification is required, which can be done easily in real-time. 

Applications of Face Verification in USA

The use cases of face verification solutions in the modern world are below.

Unlocking the Mobile Devices

The application of face verification helps the user unlock mobile phones with higher security levels. These days, mobile companies promote technology to attract customers. Companies such as Apple have eliminated fingerprint unlocking features from their devices. This step shows that the company is moving towards advanced approaches to extend better security services to the clientele. 

Ensuring Security in E-gaming Platforms

Facial verification is critical in securing the electronic gaming industry for genuine online players. The face verification software cross-checks data in the storage with the newly submitted information. As a result, the mechanism plays an important role in fighting fraud and reducing money laundering cases. 

Improving Business Operations

Utilizing advanced digital technologies to improve regular business operations is a progressive approach in the modern world to stay competitive in the market. The application of digital solutions improves customer’s relationships with the company by boosting security levels, and personalized client experiences

Implementation of face verification in USA in workplaces maintains records and user interaction with the products. This makes tracking performance, issuing promotions, and maintaining attendance easier for the top management members.

Utilizing in the Security Forces Department

Face verification in USA enables police personnel to speed up criminal investigation procedures to fight crime and ensure compliance in the future. Using face verification in USA protects against data breaches. Face verification can even help with identifying missing persons and recognizing faces behind masks with accuracy. Hence, face verification in USA is a powerful tool for the special forces.

Concluding Remarks

Implementing face verification in USA companies will streamline the onboarding process of clients, ensuring a reduction in identity theft cases. Provision of a foolproof system means elevated security levels and compliance with global regulations. The accuracy, efficiency, and privacy feature ensure a positive experience for clients all over the world. Integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies makes sure that the digital solution keeps upgrading with the passage of time. Hence, face verification in USA is an ideal approach for combating digital fraud. 

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