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Eyefinity EHR Software Review

If you have been considering using an EHR to manage your patients’ health records, you might be interested in learning more about Eyefinity EHR Software. This Cloud-based software integrates with other medical software and offers video visit. However, a few things to consider before you make a decision are:


Using the Eyefinity EHR Software reduces exam time and saves valuable time. The EHR allows doctors to earn up to $350 more per day, which can translate to over $91,000 per year! Its cloud-based design eliminates the need for on-site server hardware, provides built-in data backup, and integrates with OfficeMate seamlessly for a seamless workflow. The software also eliminates the need for server-based hardware and software upgrades.

Its iPad app makes completing and submitting patient information easy. The software offers multiple ways to add notes. It can be easily printed or faxed from your computer. The iPad app has a feature that allows you to type minimally. Another option is to swipe instead of typing, and it features a built-in “refer a patient” option. In addition, the iPad app offers a convenient “patient check-in” and “update personal information” button.

Integrates with other medical software

With Eyefinity EHR Software, your office can use handheld devices to take notes and record the exam. With this EHR, you can save paper, eliminate typing, and even update patient information and history. ExamWRITER is ICD-10 compliant and includes all the relevant codes for Ophthalmology. Eyefinity also has business solutions and support that help streamline workflow. You can even order lab results through integrated equipment.

The EHR software that comes with Eyefinity is designed to meet the unique needs of ophthalmology practices, and the company offers one-on-one consulting and custom software development to ensure it works for your practice. For additional features, you can opt for Eyefinity add-ons, such as eBuy online vision product ordering, eClaim claims management, and eStores ecommerce. Eyefinity also offers a variety of custom development solutions, including eWebExtra web development. Continuing education is another great benefit that comes with Eyefinity.

Offers video visit

If you practice telemedicine, you will want to consider integrating video visit into your EHR software. With the Eyefinity EHR, you can perform HIPAA-compliant video visits using the built-in video conferencing capabilities of your EHR. To conduct a video visit, you can use an iPad app with a built-in camera and microphone or a webcam. Either way, it is the easiest way to add telehealth capabilities to your practice.

Eyefinity EHR Software also allows you to integrate video visit capabilities with the rest of your EHR system. Your EHR is enhanced with progress bar functionality so you can keep tabs on technician progress. You can also quickly identify missed steps in an exam that will affect billing. Eyefinity EHR software includes a progress bar that displays how the technician is performing the exam. Once you have added the video visit functionality to your EHR, you can start providing digital care to your patients.

Lacks essential features

If you are looking for a new EHR software, you may have been wondering if Eyefinity is a good choice. However, this software is far from perfect. The following are some of its shortcomings. It is difficult to find out which features you should look for when choosing the best option. The software requires an adequate amount of memory and CPU power. It also doesn’t support remote access. You can easily get rid of the need for remote administration and customization by using third-party tools.

The Eyefinity EHR is capable of adapting to your practice. It can learn from your preferences and choose diagnosis codes accordingly. The software is also compatible with OfficeMate, a popular cloud-based practice management system. Eyefinity EHR is not free, but its vendor refuses to give away the price. It also focuses primarily on patient charting, without any other essential features, such as access to medical data and reports. This can be frustrating, especially if you want to share data with your staff. You can likewise check out the features of Azalea EHR features.


The cost of Eyefinity EHR Software can vary, depending on how extensive your practice needs it to be. You can get a free quote by visiting Eyefinity’s website. The cost of the software varies, and you can even get a breakdown of all the costs. The software also offers a variety of support services to help you set up and use it. There are two main ways to get started with Eyefinity EHR.

Eyefinity EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software solution that integrates with the Eyefinity Practice Management system. You can access patient records using any device, including your iPad, and without the need for expensive hardware and IT support. Eyefinity EHR also comes with an iPad application, which has been designed to work seamlessly on the touchscreen. This allows you to securely access patient information wherever you are. You can also use smart technology to adjust to your practice’s needs, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time typing.

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