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Everything You Need to Know About PWA Development Cost

Mobile apps have become the lifeline of cloud-based businesses. Yes, without these applications, they can barely imagine surviving in this digital world. But what’s so special about these tiny apps? According to a top-notch PWA development company, a mobile app helps entities boost their brand awareness, make the customer experience more engaging, and acquire deeper insights about their buyers. 

But which one is better among native apps and progressive web apps keeping the maximum benefit of businesses in mind? To be frank, it makes sense to rely on the latter instead of the former due to various reasons. And what are those reasons? You might want to know. So, for that, we would suggest viewing:

Some imperative PWA stats informed by a top PWA development company

  1. PWAs have a 36% more conversion rate compared to native applications.
  2. Progressive web apps cost 3x to 4x less than native mobile applications on average.
  3. PWAs accomplish 50% more customer engagement than other applications.
  4. PWAs cost 33% less when it comes to maintenance.
  5. Establishments shifting to progressive web apps experience a 10x reduction in page loading time. 
  6. The average bounce rate of a progressive-inspired web application is not more than 42.86%.
  7. Progressive web apps can be up to 90% tinier than their native counterparts.

With all this information acquired, you must be thinking that it is a wise decision to invest in progressive web applications. Right? So, if you have understood the pros of building PWAs pretty well, it does not make sense to delay anymore so hire a top PWA development company to make your brand’s progressive app. 

What is the PWA Development Cost?

The budget for creating a solution is and will remain a top priority for every business owner out there who is considering boosting their brand’s online presence. And just to let you know, progressive web apps are relatively cheaper than native apps. To be specific, PWAs are 3x to 4x less pricey depending on the platform requirements. Moreover, when you make the most of a PWA solution to run your business, it becomes a breeze to reach out to your potential customers by delivering a suitable solution across multiple platforms. 

Some of the good things about progressive web apps are:

  1. It reduces development cost
  2. It minimizes time to market 
  3. It enhances the user experience 
  4. It unlocks the full potential of users 

What else? There are many agencies out there that ignore the maintenance cost once they have developed an app of their choice. But the software experts of a renowned PWA development company say that it is necessary to take such costs into consideration when thinking about designing a mobile program. Just for your kind information, the maintenance cost of any mobile or web application is approximately 20 to 25% of its total development cost. And the best thing about PWAs is that it is less expensive to maintain than their native counterparts due to which it is no longer a hassle for growing businesses to handle their app maintenance cost, especially when it comes to PWAs. 

Now as far as the PWA development cost is concerned, the average cost of Magento PWA development is $30k and more. And the average time required to construct a PWA on Magento is 8 to 32 weeks. Still, you must know that the cost and time required to build a progressive web app could fluctuate depending on the resources and functionalities required for your app creation. 

What Are Some Factors That Decide the PWA Development Cost?

  1. Project Requirements 

As per the specialists of a premier PWA development company, the PWA development price mainly depends on two things, i.e., 

  1. Kind of store 
  2. The expected outcome of store owners 

For instance, a progressive web app for retail or food stores will not consume as much resources as required for making an online booking system. In short, the complexity of the concerned project will decide the PWA development cost.   

  1. Technical Requirements 

The next thing you must bear in mind is that if you want your progressive web app to possess more advanced or technical features, you will have to pay a higher price for the same. And some major factors that control the PWA development cost are:

  1. Prototype 
  2. Custom coding of frontend and backend 
  3. Navigation 
  4. Number of page cache required 
  5. CMS
  6. Components on every page 
  7. SEO

So, the fact of the matter is that if you need an advanced tech stack for your progressive web app development, you will have to stump up a higher price for it. 

  1. UX and UI Requirements 

After that, you need to get down to the UX and UI of your progressive web app, given that these things help a lot in making your app stand out from your competitors. It is the main reason why you should not do cost-cutting in this particular department. 

Be mindful, if you want to draw as many buyers as possible to your app, it will help if you use high-quality graphics to impress your users, resulting in greater engagement and thus sales.  

  1. QA Testing

This is where it is checked whether the developed solution is working without a hitch on the expected parameters or not. Because of this, QA testing could take your PWA development cost too high. Still, some old hands at a professional PWA development company suggest not skipping the app testing phase as it will ensure your PWA doesn’t crash in the future.  

In this stage of PWA, often following things are checked:

  1. Whether the page loading time is less than 3 seconds or not?
  2. How good is the app at handling massive traffic?
  3. Whether the app is user-friendly or not?
  4. Whether it requires less data to operate or not?
  5. Where can it fail and how to fix that issue quickly? 
  1. Time of Delivering the Project 

Last but not least, having a strict deadline for your project will require the consumption of more resources. Thus, it will sharply upsurge your progressive web app development cost. But, if you allow enough time for your full-fledged PWA development, it can lower your expenses while ensuring high performance.  

The takeaway 

Now if you find the details shared in this piece of content useful and practical at the same time, it is in your best interest to team up with a globally-recognized PWA development company to forge your progressive app.

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