Everything you need to know about MagSafe by Apple

MagSafe is the ultimate charging technology launched by Apple a few years ago for iPhone 12 and later models. As the name suggests, MagSafe works by magnetic forces that connect the iPhones for wireless and faster charging. It is safer, faster, and a more upgraded approach only compatible with Apple devices such as newer iPhones, iPad mini, and Apple Watches. It has become one of the most portable, user-friendly, multi-charging accessories that can charge up to 15W faster!

How Does MagSafe Work? 

MagSafe works with the assistance of perfect alignment of magnets designed to connect automatically with the back of the iPhone. It is proficient enough to maintain connectivity with Qi chargeable technology for speedier charge within minutes. It is a hollow or filled ring encapsulated with magnets that connects and grips automatically to the device’s apple logo portion and begins to charge. The MagSafe powers with a Type-C USB that can connect to different plugs such as 20W, 30W, and Duo models. The higher the plug Watts, the faster the charge. 

What is MagSafe compatible with?

Since it is Apple’s accessory, it is compatible with iPhone 8 models, X models, and brand new releases such as iPhone 12, 12 Pro, iPhone 13, 13 Pro, iPhone 14, and 14 Pro. The upgraded MagSafe Duo can charge two devices at once. One of its magnet rings attaches to the back of the Apple Watch and the other to the iPhone, charging both simultaneously. Another model of MagSafe is even compatible with iPad Minis. Still, Apple Store will launch more MagSafe chargers for newer iPad Pros and Airs with larger Apple Logos for a firmer grip and safer charge. Upon incoming calls and notification vibrations, the charger either slows down or disconnects the power supply for the user to take the device off securely. 

The Cost Price of MagSafe 

The 20W USB-C and 30W USB-C super power cost 19.00$ and 39.00$, respectively. The MagSafe Duo charger on the Apple Store is worth 129$, connecting both iPhone and Apple smartwatch together. Apple always comes up with gorgeous lineups for all its gadgets, wearables, and accessories. The same is the case for MagSafe Battery Pack, which is worth 99.00$, sleek and prominent among all wireless chargers on the market. The newest iPhone 14’s clear case with MagSafe technology is embedded at the back for a fluent charge. 

Apple has recently launched another Belkin Boost Pro 3 that wirelessly charges three devices at once! The user’s iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch can efficiently connect and set quickly and easily. The Belkin Boost Charging Pad’s starting price is 150$ in the Apple Store. The iPhone Leather Wallet MagSafe is another stunning release by Apple that works as refined as it looks, under 60$ cost. 


Apple gadgets, devices, wearables, and now even chargers have a significant and signature range available on Apple Store and credible websites such as Apple lovers can now buy iPhone 14, and 14 Pro fresh out of the box buy iPhones of previous models at half price. 

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