How to Enlarge Instagram Profile Picture of Strangers Following You?

If some stranger sent you a follower’s request claiming that he knows you from somewhere and you want to check their profile picture to make sure that the other person isn’t bluffing. But, Instagram does not allow any such option to view an enlarged version of the profiles.

You can use the following to help enlarge the profile pictures in no time:


If you are unsure about the person who sent you a follower’s request and you want to know the person before pressing that ‘Confirm’ button, then InstaZoom is your best bet. This tool will help you recognize the stranger by enlarging their profile picture. You can use these few simple steps to unveil the identity of any stranger:

  • Log in to the Instagram profile and go on the stranger’s profile.
  • Copy the username and remember the display photo.
  • Now go to your browser and visit to the Website
  • After hitting enter you will be redirected to the website of an Instagram profile pic downloader.
  • Write the username in the search bar and click the Search Profile Picture button.
  • Once you hit enter you will be presented with an enlarged profile picture to view that can even be downloaded.

Insta Profile

Insta Profile is an app that works both for Android and iPhone. The app can be found in the Play Store or App Store for the respective operating systems you prefer.

The process of using the app is very simple you just need to copy the username of the stranger you are searching for and put it in the search box of the Insta Profile app. Once you are done, select the username from the drop-down menu as you remember they do it won’t be a problem to choose from there. Hit enter and the app will show you an enlarged HD image that will help you easily recognize the person. It will help you confirm the stranger if you know him and if you are unaware then you can also simply block them.

One more thing, you can delete the search results from the bottom of the app as it tends to store the history.

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Qeek App

This app is different than the others because it enables users to enlarge profile picture in more than 100 different formats. Those who are peculiar about the quality of the image can use the week app for the best results.

But here’s the catch, the app is priced at $3 which needs to be paid in other to access different formats of the image. The app is used to enhance the profile photo but those who need a profile picture in a good format. Can easily use Qeek by paying a subscription fee.

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Is There Any Other Option?

Yes, you can use your desktop as well to enlarge the profile picture but it would not turn out as great as these apps because it offers HD quality images. The process to enlarge a picture from the desktop is very easy and here’s how you can do it:

  • Log in to the Instagram app and search for the super you want.
  • Once you land on your respective user page go to their profile photo and right-click on it.
  • Hit the ‘Open in new tab’ option.
  • The newly opened tab will have the enlarged profile picture.
  • With right-click, you can also save the image to your desktop.

What is an HD Image

HD is the high definition image that is mostly present on professional cameras the images produced in HD are very fine and crisp. The color development is remarkable due to which the picture can be easily viewed without any scattered or blurriness. However the picture quality is ruined when you upload them to the Meta servers due to their requirements.

Note : To download Instagram Stories Use Stories IG.


Instazoom is the best profile picture viewer or downloader to catch any stranger about its bluffing. Random tactics that people use to get to take with the other person. The private profiles on Instagram cannot be viewed due to privacy reasons. It is also hard to crack the code so tools like Instazoom and others exist to make your life easier.

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