It is the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise
It is the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise
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Dr. Donald Graham

According to Dr. Donald Graham: Scarring is a typical side effect of skin healing. Accidents, , skin conditions, and surgery can all cause it. Although scars are permanent, depending on the extent of the damage, the size of the wound, and the location on the body, they may improve and fade over a period of up to two years. It is unlikely that they will keep fading after this point. Age, heredity, and ethnicity all affect scar formation, and some people are also more prone to getting severe scars.

Applying petroleum jelly or antibacterial ointments to keep the skin moist, changing bandages daily to keep the area clean, refraining from picking at the scabs, and limiting sun exposure to the injured area are all common recommendations for reducing scar formation. Nevertheless, despite these safety measures, scarring is frequently still unpredictable and manifests itself in a variety of shapes, including flat, stretched, depressed, and raised. The process of scarring can be annoying and significantly lower quality of life.

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The appearance of scars can be improved, and the discomfort they cause can be lessened, with a variety of treatment options. Scars should also be treated medically if they are causing pain, itching, restriction of movement, or psychosocial distress. The kind of treatment your dermatologist or plastic surgeon advises will also depend on the kind of scar.

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