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Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit history is a crucial aspect of fulfilling an individual’s financial requirements. It consists of detailed information about an individual’s financial transactions, such as loan details, EMIs, credit card payments, etc. Therefore, if you regularly check your CIBIL score online, it becomes easier for you to manage a high score by taking the necessary measures. 

On the other hand, certain factors drastically reduce credit score online. Therefore, it becomes important to understand all the different points to consider in your credit score report. This blog provides information about do’s and don’ts for how to improve credit score.

How to improve CIBIL Score: Do’s

A good CIBIL score online makes a borrower highly credible. In comparison, a person with a low credit score faces many difficulties in getting financial credit from banks. Therefore, to help borrowers improve their scores, here are some vital tips:

  1. Frequently Check Your Credit Score Online

Sometimes your Credit score report may represent incorrect information, such as a pending payment, even after you have successfully made the payment. Therefore, it is essential that you keep checking your CIBIL Score Online to take corrective measures for a fault.

  1. Pay Your Credit Card Debts On Time

Credit cards are crucial for building your Credit score online. However, the repayment of high credit amounts must be your top priority. Therefore, to improve your creditworthiness, it is essential that you make all your credit card payments on time.

  1. Have an Efficient Credit Mix

It is highly crucial to have multiple credit accounts to improve your CIBIL score online. Lenders find people with multiple credit accounts more credible for handling debts. However, it is also necessary that you avoid opting for unnecessary credit cards and loans. In addition, you need to consider your repayment capacity before applying for any loan.

How to improve CIBIL Score: Don’ts

In addition to the factors that need to be considered for improving your CIBIL score online, there are certain points that you must avoid. The following topics provide information about the factors you need to avoid to increase your CIBIL score online.

  1. Avoid Partial Payment of Credit Card Bills

Many credit card holders only focus on paying the minimum due amount to avoid late payment charges. Some even opt to pay a little higher than the minimum due amount but do not pay the total due amount. This behaviour entraps the credit card holders, and they find it very hard to repay the accumulated high credit amount. Due to this, their CIBIL score online decreases sharply.

  1. Don’t Go For Hard Credit Enquiry

Borrowers who go for multiple hard credit enquiries represent their desperation to take new credits. Moreover, the lenders find them struggling to manage their credit. Therefore, they avoid approving any future loans applied by these borrowers. Moreover, hard credit enquiry drastically affects a borrower’s CIBIL score online.

  1. Don’t Close Old Credit card Accounts

Most borrowers who want to apply for a new credit card choose to close their old credit card account. However, this brings drastic results when they opt to borrow loans in future. This happens because long credit history associated with old accounts favours borrowers while applying for loans. Moreover, it affects the CIBIL score online.

  1. Avoid Applying for Multiple Credits Repeatedly

Your CIBIL score online gets negatively affected by the multiple application of credits in a short time duration. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you must remain cautious when applying for new credits. Moreover, your history of loan enquiry also reduces your Credit score online.


All the factors mentioned above are essential for How to improve CIBIL score online. However, you must remember that all these measures need time to show effective results. But incorporating these behaviours is essential for seeing good results within 6 to 12 months.


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