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Does SEO deliver accurate results for Online Businesses?

Guaranteed SEO services are those that make a precise outcome a promise. Any company offering an SEO guarantee will also give you your money back. There are free SEOs, but they will only work for a certain amount of time. SEO delivers accurate results for every type of online business. When it comes to properly plan a campaign, most marketers like the idea of two things- timings and cost. 

These two things are the best way to know if things are working. When any digital marketer starts off his SEO journey, he wants to know how long SEO takes to start working and how much he will need to invest to reach his goals.

Different factors impact SEO and one will get accurate results depending on these factors.

How long does SEO take to work?

We know the reality of the digital marketing business that SEO does take time, but it will yield very good results in the long run and in the years to come. Most digital marketing experts agree that any website takes time to show the desired results. 

A website is more likely to show the results within the first 6 to 12 months. However, there are too many variables that are involved in the process. When answering how long SEO takes to deliver accurate results, it isn’t easy to give a period that applies to the websites. One should not set unrealistic expectations from SEO.

All the search engines want to show you the best result for a search query. However, you should take time for your website to earn its rank, and you should be able to prove yourself. If you have the right strategy that is apt for your business, you can do your business work wonders for you.

Given below are a few essential factors that are vital for an SEO to work-

1. Age and authority of a website

The website’s age refers to the domain age, the amount of time a domain name has existed. The authority of the website relates to the comment engagement of the customers, the metrics, the rankings and the content quality of the narrative. The website with a lot of audience interaction has a higher authority than the other websites that see little engagement from their users.

2. Backlinks

Another crucial factor for SEO is backlinks. Backlinks signal to Google that another resource finds your content valuable enough to link to it with their content. Many websites earn additional backlinks, and the search engines infer that the website possesses valuable content worth ranking well on the SERPs.

Backlinks are the types of links that represent a vote of confidence from one site to another. Backlinks signal to the search engines that others vouch for your content.

How to get SEO for backlinks?

  • Find backlink opportunities with the top referral sources.
  • Use the outbound links for forming different partnerships.
  • Take an extremely keen look at what your competitors are doing.
  • Create high-quality, trustworthy content.

3. Errors, penalties and hosting issues.

Web hosting in SEO is the practice of hosting to optimize the chances of the website’s ranking on the SERPs. It is the process in which all the sites are grouped through the web host server.

Errors are inevitable when it comes to running a website. Having a website with loads of traffic and a standard error that brings your site down for several hours is terrifying.

Following are the errors and penalties one is likely to come across if they want their SEO to deliver accurate content-

  • Broken links

A broken link does not take the user to the desired web page when they click on it. If you land on a link that is broken, it is a horrible sign for SEO. 

  • Fixing the broken link problem

It is crucial to fix a broken link by replacing them with a live one. If you come across any link that is old, you should just remove them. 

  • TLS certification error

The certificate authority issues a very important digital certificate known as a TLS certificate. If one does not have a TLS certificate handy, the site will have a URL starting with HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Various types of SEO agencies provide SEO auditing services, and they include an inspection of your website for finding problems that hold your site back in the search organic results.

One should also resolve the TLS certification issues

  • One should check the date and the time on your desktop.
  • One should also check for domain check mismatch.
  • It is important to get the certificate from a trustworthy CA.
  • Website load speed

There might be various reasons for poor website loading speed such as-

-Javascript issues.

-Bad hosting.

-The website does not leverage any caching tool.

-Too many ads on the website.

If you want to ensure the accuracy of the SEO results, it is very important to make sure that you resolve all these issues.

  • Mobile compatibility

A poorly optimized website for mobile won’t rank on the search engine. When you launch a website, you should make sure that mobile optimization is in place.

  • Duplicate content- Time to revamp your content plan

Duplicate content is the factor that results in poor search engine rankings. If you target the same keyword a number of times while writing similar content, your content will not be alluring and enticing to the audience.

4. SEO-friendly design, architecture and structure

This is the factor that will impact the timeframe for reaching your SEO result is the design of your website, its structure and architecture. One should always put the user experience first. Google wants you to design for computers. 

Google wants businesses to focus their entire attention on providing an amazing user experience. The algorithm of Google is designed to reward the websites that are instrumental in providing a smooth and easy user experience.

The websites that rank highly in SEO are-

  • Easy to navigate

You should make it easy for the search engines to crawl and for the visitors to find what they want.

  • Mobile-friendly

Google is the kind of search engine that will increase the ranking of mobile-friendly websites that decrease the visibility of non-responsive websites.

5. Keywords and competition

Every keyword is not equal. The weightage of every keyword depends on what type you want to rank. You should start ranking high relatively fast. There are different types of SEO keywords with different types of weightage. Some keywords get thousands of monthly searches while some get hundreds.

There was research that took place, and according to that research, only 0.3% of the websites rank among the top 10 results in the initial year for keywords. One should take the proper time to do the keyword research and it will ensure that you optimize your site for the keywords that your customers are actually looking for.

Every day a new site comes up as your competition, and you should make sure that you have a better chance to outrank the site with your keyword list. A lot of established competitive sites in the industry have been dominating the search results for important keywords for a long period of time. It will take you longer to outrank them and get their traffic.

Your competition pool also matters as it could be local or global. 

6. Content Strategy

The main aim of Google is to return the best results for a given search query. Poor content marketing does not get rewarded at all with high rankings. Content is king. The strategy you levy down must prioritize great SEO content. The content should be relevant to your keywords and it should match the searcher’s intent. 

You should take time to identify what is the current ranking and figure out how to create something better. It is also very important to take time to fill the gaps your searchers are looking for.

You should not settle for poor or average content. If you try to settle for average content, you will not be able to get fast SEO results.

7. Budget

The more budget you can invest in the SEO campaign that you are leading, the more the odds of you accelerating your ROI. You can also control the resources that are allocated towards your SEO services.

If you have more resources, you will be able to produce more regular and high-quality content which gives you the opportunity to use more keywords and you can expect more accurate results.


SEO has a lot to offer websites, and it has the potential to grow dramatically over time. SEO is an essential component of a digital marketing strategy since it helps brands gain reputation and audience trust.

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