Custom Printed Pillow Boxes- A Unique Way, To Give Style to Your Brand

Simple, trendy, elegant and lightweight packaging boxes called pillow boxes are considered the best choice for holding small, delicate items. Pillow boxes are curved and long gift boxes made of cards shaped like pillows. In addition, their unique shape grabs the customers’ attention on the retail shelves.

When it comes to increasing the value of the product, pillow box packaging is the ideal choice. These packaging boxes have a sophisticated, polished appearance and are surprisingly simple to handle.

What can you put in these pillow boxes?

Not only does a single industry use these pillow boxes, but their use varies from one store to another and from one product to another. However, they are best for both retail and gifting purposes. This blog will dive into custom pillow packaging and explore how you can use these boxes.

Apparel Items

The apparel industry makes very evident use of Wholesale Custom Pillow boxes. Companies retail items like shirts, lingeries, jewellery, ties, bows, hose, etc., in them. These Pillow Boxes are often embellished with a PVC window which significantly enhances the product’s visibility. Moreover, help customers make an informed purchase decision. See here. read about also : Periosteal Elevator

Food Items

The food industry also uses Custom-Printed Pillow Boxes on a massive scale. Culinary items, mainly retailed, are cereals, dry fruits, nuts, and small bakery items like croissants, sugar sticks, candies, etc.

Kraft Pillow Boxes for food packaging

Custom Kraft Boxes make food Packaging aesthetic and safe because kraft boxes are the most complex type of custom box. These boxes are environment-friendly as well.

Pillow Box wedding invites

This is the most common usage of pillow boxes. Pillow Wedding invite boxes are customized to include soft and vibrant colours, elegantly printed, and designed with a minimal piece of information published upon it. For example, the couple’s name is printed only on the invite box, and other details are mentioned on the card. As per the design, mainly die-cutting is used with elegant patterns.

Miscellaneous Accessories

You can gift or retail small, miscellaneous items like jewellery accessories, mobile accessories ( mobile chargers, earphones), hair-dressing items ( hairpins, hair clips), etc. It can house any light item, like hand-picked coffee or tea sachets. Besides, its unique shape makes it versatile enough to accommodate anywhere for any use.

Gifting Purposes

Fill these adorable little boxes with small treats and delights like sweets, candies, chocolate pretzels, etc., or fill them with special greeting notes or gift cards that can make someone’s day. Moreover, you can double the celebration of your special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, Christmas, etc.

Custom Soap Boxes 

Soap is the fundamental entity of life. Most people use it for domestic and commercial purposes such as washing, bathing, hygiene, and other needs. The soap is also a great source of providing skincare essentials. Packaging and products have a very strong interrelation, which helps your business get a central position in the market.

Custom Soap Boxes help you to connect with customers

Customized soap boxes, if designed effectively, can be a win situation. Moreover, connecting with your targeted audience is necessary to make your Packaging successful. Understand your customer’s needs and demands regarding soap packaging. Furthermore, it will help you to communicate with them on an emotional level. 

In addition, the box’s colours, labels, and design trigger customers’ emotions and can result in increased sales.

Features Of the Soap Box Packaging

Like any makeup and beauty product, e.g., face makeup, gels, shampoos, etc., soaps also need good Packaging. You can add various characteristics to the soap box packaging to increase the grace of your product. Use embossing, foil, die-cut, and plate features to improve the look.

Manufacturers put extra care into these matters because they realize the importance of excellent and good-looking Packaging. Give Custom Soap Packaging a go, and you will see a significant change in the sales rate.

Material for the Soap Box

You select the environment-friendly material for Custom Soap Boxes. Mainly, people use Kraft paper for soap boxes. This paper is recyclable and environmentally friendly, so companies use Kraft paper.

Kraft paper is available in different colours. People primarily use brown or white Kraft paper. Brown Kraft paper gives a natural look to your product packaging. When you choose the packaging material, you know the people’s choice.

Different Types of Soap Boxes 

Soap box packaging comes in different styles and shapes. The most common Packaging is plain Packaging. Now, companies are introducing other Packaging customizing it according to their target customers.

Simple Plain Boxes 

Plain boxes are the most common boxes. They are just simple boxes having soap inside them. 

Digital Printed Boxes

This is the system of printing digital-based images straight onto various media substrates. No one demands a printing plate, unlike offset printing.

Printed Boxes 

Now soap companies are introducing their soap box packaging. On these boxes, companies print their logos, choose multiple designs, and publish them on the boxes to look more appealing.

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