Crop Top With Blazers Outfits Ideas

For many years, blazers have been one of the best complementary garments that women of all ages, of all styles, can use in their day-to-day to get the most out of their personal image. That is why today we took on the task of looking for some of the best outfits with crop tops and blazers that you can use this season. That one of the keys or main characteristics of these is the use of color. So we will talk to you in very broad terms about all the combinations that you can achieve to use these two garments in your look. As you can see as the theme of outfits with crop tops and blazers progresses , the options are very varied. Not only can you complement with the basic denim jeans, but with many more garments. In these outfits you will look cute and attractive. Now days people do like anime style outfits.

Skinny jeans with top and blazer

We start with this complete topic where we are going to see all kinds of outfits with crop tops and blazers that you can get, depending on the complementary garments that you use to put them together. Let’s analyze first of all, one of the most basic combinations that you can resort to, it is about wearing skinny jeans with a top and a blazer . From the outset it is a combination that we know will always look good, especially if we wisely choose the type of pants, cut, etc.

Denim shorts with tops and blazer

Continuing with all these outfits with crop tops and blazers that you can base your day-to-day dress on, I would like to share the following denim shorts with tops and blazers . Another basic and casual combination that if you know how to implement it, you will look very well dressed without the slightest effort. Here we are going to analyze at least three different looks that you can achieve with this combination.

Looks with biker shorts

One of the combinations that I personally like the most are the following that will help you get outfits with crop tops and blazers, the key is to get looks with biker shorts , another of the garments of the moment that we can combine in different ways. As casual as biker shorts may seem to you, if you know how to combine them, they will help you achieve a chic, stylish and comfortable look at the same time.

Outfits with tailored suits

We are about to reach the end of all these outfits with crop tops and blazers that I found to share with you. Here we will analyze different outfits with tailored suits as protagonists of the look, we well know that currently there are many ways in which we can wear a tailored suit, so if you want to give your appearance this formal and sophisticated touch that a tailored suit gives, I recommend that you give the informal touch with a top underneath.

Looks with wide leg jeans

Almost to finish all these outfits with crop tops and blazers, I suggest you use one of the following looks with wide-legged jeans. Wide or straight legs are undoubtedly one of the strongest trends of the moment. Some of the main reasons why we recommend this cut so much is because of the following:

  • Stylize your figure
  • They make you look so much taller
  • accentuate your waist
  • You look with more booty and hip

Outfits with pink blazers

We finish this topic of the best outfits with crop tops and blazers that you can use, with these outfits with pink blazers where we see, which is a most popular color for this season. We can wear it in different ways, but without a doubt a basic combination that will get the most out of us is using it with fashionable denim jeans. Try for example this look where we see a green top, with a pink blazer on top, denim shorts, transparent sneakers with a small bag of the same color as the crop top. A color block look! Another trend of the moment.

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