Concrete Signs of a Calling to the Clergy

The priesthood is a calling. Not all are moved to accept it, but those that are may have thought, “how can I be sure?”

Only you can know in your heart, but if you are looking for sure signs that the clerical calling is right for you, pay close attention to these.

You Crave the Guidance of the Scripture
Is your life guided by the scripture? Is your every thought and action derivative of the unadulterated word of the Lord? To use a phrase, do you eat, sleep, and breathe the word of God?

You Are Innately Driven to Prayer
To some, prayer is a mechanical ritual. To others, it is a personal communion with the Lord that fosters a deep, personal relationship with the creator.

You’re Driven by Charity
Giving is a reflection of the charity of Christ. But giving is not only about worldly possessions. Are you willing to give freely of your time, energy, emotional resources, and compassion to those in need?

Your Heart Is Brimming with Compassion
While priestly figures might appear to be stony, stoic icons of a rigid institution (and while the church adheres to ritual) the ideal priest is a man of compassion, not a statue. The priest must be patient, warm, receiving, accepting, and joyous, inspiring light, love, and life – not intimidation.

You’re a Natural Listener
A man of the church must always be willing to freely dispense with his time to serve those in need. To lift up the broken spirit and the wayward, you must be able to listen to, and understand, the problems and concerns of others.

You Believe in Serving and Leading by Example
The priest must not expect to be revered by virtue of the cloth, but by his character. Do you seek to lead by example? Are you willing to serve those less fortunate than yourself?

You Want to Learn
The heart of the priest is spurned by a hot desire to understand and spread the word of the Lord. This drive is insatiable and lifelong.

You Are Unafraid to Speak
The priest should not only be unafraid to speak to the congregation, as this will be a required office but also unafraid to speak opposing views. One who is not afraid to speak out against contrary, especially unpopular views, can make a good man for the church.

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