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Clear doubts about your entrance test by attending QE mock test online

A QE test is denoted as Qualifying Examination and QE marks are simply known as class 12 marks that a student has scored. This comes handy when merit list is prepared and 50% of QE marks and 50% of CET marks are considered to prepare the list. The test has different numbers of questions that are multiple-choice style and each section has its own set of timings. Children won’t get an opportunity once the time is elapsed and will be barred from that section thus cutting off a revisit. This makes it crucial for children and takes up QE mock test online so they get to see how sections are approached and answered and how fast they are able to complete the section.

The GL test is another 11plus exam which denotes “Granada Learning” a pioneer assessment test held across the country.  GL mock papers London is the best way to unravel the mystery of the GL assessment test. The test comes with multiple choice questions with each section having its set period of time. Examination preparation by attending mock tests online is a great way perfecting the question paper. Most candidates won’t know what is waiting for them at the real rest so attending GL mock is one way of knowing it and perfecting it. This will significantly improve your chances of getting higher scores in the entrance exams.  

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Mock test is a complete impersonation of the real rest so practicing it will improve your understanding of the question papers and replying them within a time frame. Types of questions and the time allotted for each section may be baffling if you do not have prior knowledge of these aspects. Attempting mock tests will make you better and well informed to gain the following:

  • Proper time management

Mock tests enable students to assess the time required to reply each section of questions. Mock test practice will also improve speed as well as let students know where they are weak and significantly improve on that.

  • Real time environment

Attending mock tests mean feeling the atmosphere of the real test. The test is conducted in a simulated atmosphere hence make students familiarize themselves and get ready for the real exam

  • Dispelling doubts

11 plus mock test also gives an opportunity to clear doubts about questions that a candidate is not comprehensive about. The student can always clarify it with their teachers and remove all types of doubts with regards to questions appearing in GL and GE tests.

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