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Can An Omicron Be Detected By The PCR Test?

Facing Covid-19, we all learned to search for solutions rather than fear the problem. We strongly dealt with this pandemic while vaccinating from the first wave to the second, third, fourth, and fifth wave. But recently, when Omicron was discovered, the majority were confused about whether we could detect it with a PCR test or not. Learn now!  

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 What is an RT PCR test?  

An RT PCR Test (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a lab test used to diagnose severe diseases and viruses, including cancer and covid-19. In an RT PCR test, the unstable Ribonucleic acid’s single-stranded structure is first converted into a complex deoxyribonucleic acid – cDNA to make it strong enough to survive the amplification procedure.  

This procedure starts when the specimen is collected from the infected person’s nose, mouth, or directly by muscle tissue. This specimen is then converted into a cDNA, and the procedure starts. The process onwards is now the same as done in the PCR test.  

 The cDNA is heated and broken down into two single-stranded structures to make it easy for further amplifications. Then once cooled, both the structures get attached to the primers and heated up again to add the DNA bases using the Taq polymerase enzyme. This step initiates the amplification procedure, where this same DNA segment is replicated multiple times to record its cycle threshold value. Maximum 30-40 amplifications can be performed using a single specimen. The higher the Ct value, the lower the virus, whereas the lower the Ct value, the higher the virus. Most laboratories often take 2-3 working days to deliver RT PCR test results.  

Can an omicron be detected by the PCR test?  

Yes, like all other variants, Omicron can also be detected by the PCR and RT PCR test. The sensitivity of both molecular tests led to successful results. Some laboratories often display the Ct values to let the infected person examine the virus in his body. This successfully leads patients towards strictly following the SOPs. For instant results, you can trust a rapid antigen test, but there’s a high possibility of it being inaccurate; therefore, ensure you rely on an RT PCR test for accurate results.  

 RT PCR Test in Dubai  

Dubai has now become one of the most populated cities in UAE. Apart from the locals, millions of travelers visit Dubai regularly, which eventually increases the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Due to many specimens, most laboratories lack delivery reports before at least three days. But don’t worry, we’ve brought you a solution!  

 Same day RT PCR Test in Dubai  

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