Calvin Klein Escape Women,

Calvin Klein Escape Eau De Parfum For Women 100ml Review

If you’re looking for a women’s eau de parfum that smells great and lasts all day, you should consider the Calvin Klein Escape Eau De Parfum For Women. It comes in 3.4 oz and 100ml sizes and is reminiscent of the brand’s classic fragrance. It has been described as enticing, sensual, and floral.

3.4 oz

Escape Calvin Klein for women is a floral fragrance that opens with notes of apple, lychee, rose, peach, plum and mandarin. The fragrance also includes notes of musk. A hint of vanilla is also present.

The scent is ideal for a romantic evening out. Its opening notes are of apple, camomile, peach, rose, plum, and mandarine. It’s a very feminine scent that is perfect for a dinner date. It’s sold through a company called Sweet and Easy Wholesale. It operates as a subsidiary of the Shay Barak Corporation, which is responsible for fulfilling orders and taking care of advertised goods.

Floral Aquatic

Escape Eau De Parfum For Women is a fruity floral fragrance created by Calvin Klein in 1991. It is perfect for women who want a fresh and clean scent that will last the entire day. The fragrance features notes of chamomile, tagetes, and juicy top notes. It is the perfect scent for everything from office meetings to afternoons spent shopping.

This fragrance is a 100ml bottle that comes in a sealed cardboard box. The bottle itself is glass with a silver coloured plastic cap. When it is closed, the cap has a satisfying audible click. The scent lingers on the body for hours, but it is not too strong.


Enticing Calvin Klein Escape Eau De Perfume For Women 100ml is a fruity floral scent that is ideal for women who want a crisp fragrance throughout the day. The scent contains a blend of juicy top notes like apple, chamomile, and plum, and a base of sandalwood and musk. The fragrance is perfect for both office settings and evenings out.

The scent of Enticing Calvin Klein Escape Perfume is intended to evoke memories of past love, allowing women to feel sexy and confident. Its woody floral tones are a combination of fresh strength and delicate sensuality. This scent is best for date nights out with friends or when you’re feeling sultry and passionate.


Escape is a women’s fragrance by Calvin Klein. The scent has aquatic and floral notes and has a long-lasting, lingering quality. It was first released in 1991 and is one of Calvin Klein’s most popular fragrances. It has a fresh, light aquatic Perfume Elegance with top notes of camomile, apple, peach, lychee, and sandalwood.

The fragrance’s bottle is a sleek, aluminum matt bottle with a hint of color showing through the bottom. This fresh, feminine scent is ideal for younger women to wear to the office or to a party. Its pear and peony notes are very pleasant. Escape was first launched in 1991 and was designed as an outdoor fragrance. This ethereal scent is reminiscent of flowers and fruits, and evokes the feeling of being out in nature.


The ‘Escape’ by Calvin Klein fragrance is a fruity floral that is confident and bold. The top notes are apple, mandarin, plum, and peach, and the middle notes are sandalwood, musk, and oakmoss. It is not the strongest scent, but it stays on for hours and is perfect for everyday wear. It has a long lasting fresh scent that is sure to make any woman feel good about herself.

The ‘Escape’ women’s fragrance has a floral bouquet and is formulated with captivating ingredients from around the world. The top notes include ambrette, lily, and jasmine, with a woody base note of musk and vetiver. This scent is confident and feminine, and is the perfect choice for the office or a night out with the girls.

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