Boom Barrier Gates

Buildings That Cannot Operate Without Boom Barrier Gates

Almost everything around us has been mechanised or is in the process of becoming automated. Technology advancement, automation, and increased human safety and security are the most pressing issues today. Technological innovation has enabled new systems and equipment to assist in managing traffic. Boom barriers are presently used in various locations, including apartment buildings, retail centres, offices, parking lots, railroad crossings, toll booths, and factory entry and departure points. Here are more details of the different buildings that can’t operate without these boom barrier gates.

What are Boom Barrier Gates?

Boom Barriers, also known as Boom Barrier gates, are horizontal bollards or bars with pivot points that control traffic flow by permitting or prohibiting the movement of vehicles. The automatic boom barriers took the place of the older, manually operated ones. However, considering the current situation, in which we can observe the digitisation of the Road traffic management and control system and the digitised perspective towards everything, there is a demand for autonomous boom barriers.

These boom barrier systems can operate through the following;

  • Loop detector
  • Remote control
  • RFID tags, and 
  • Push-button. 

Boom barriers have various applications; however, in this article, you will learn about such buildings that can’t operate without this equipment.

Parking Facilities

Do you know why there are no security guards or assistants at the entrance of parking facilities? The reason is that there are automatic boom barriers in use. These types of equipment let the drivers access the car parks by using only a receipt as proof of having paid for the space. Unfortunately, there is no one at the entrance to verify the receipt. Therefore, the drivers only have to show it to the CCTVs to be let in.

Shopping Malls

Malls are enormous, and manually verifying each individual and vehicle’s entry can be overwhelming. This is why they must use boom barriers. This equipment allows controlled entrance and exit to the premises.

Government Buildings

Government buildings are always busy and have the highest security clearance. Trying to get into one without proper clearance can get you in trouble. To make work easier, they use automatic boom barriers to control and allow only authorised personnel into the buildings. Individuals using vehicles or those walking have to present their ID and tap an access fob against a sensing plate. Alternatively, they can swipe an access card, which most buildings issue to their employees, and they will gain entry instantly.


Banks are pretty much organised and have less chaos when accessing and exiting. Most banks, especially the Central banks, use these access control security barriers to manage entry into their premises. Once you reach the gate, you will need to show your ID, or if you are an employee, you will show your employee card, and then you will gain access.

Technology has a lot to give, and it has made life easier for everyone. Another instance of how a compact piece of computer-controlled metal can avoid injuries, ensure security, and protect people is using automatic boom barriers. Without this equipment, these buildings would be chaotic, having lots of confusion and commotion. 

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