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Bring Your Business the Power of SQL Server Standard 2019

If you want to start with SQL Server and don’t know what exactly it is and how it works, and many more questions. So, this article will help you solve all your queries. Download SQL Server Standard 2019 is an eye-catching edition that helps enable effective database management with little IT resources. It provides essential data management and business intelligence databases for departments and small businesses to run their applications. It also supports standard development tools for on-premises and cloud environments. This version has five editions: Standard, Web, Enterprise, Developer, and Express. 

What is SQL Server 2019 Standard edition?

For businesses to execute their applications, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition provides data management and business intelligence databases and supports standard development tools for on-premise and cloud environments. This edition will continue to reconsider SQL Server from a traditional relational database system to a data platform for every data structure.

With this edition, you can do amazing, beneficial things related to your organization, like analyzing structured and unstructured data, choosing your language and platform, and many more exciting things. Microsoft announces a variety of new features in the SQL Standard edition, and they are: 

  • Breakdown data vault: You can acquire insights from all your data by querying across your whole data without replicating the data. 
  • Encode all your data: Now, you can encrypt your sensitive data and carry out rich computation on encrypted data. And in addition, you can enable customized data access based on the role with complex row filtering. 
  • Built-in security: Using a built-in security feature, you can protect your data, monitor it, and identify it.
  • Accelerate your data recovery: This feature will significantly improve your database availability by permitting fast and consistent recovery regardless of the number or size of transactions.  

Other than the above unique features, you can see some more essential qualities in this edition like its always-on support for up to two nodes, hybrid backup to Windows Azure, buffer pool extension to use on SSD, and you can send a message via the service broker.  

SQL Server Standard edition is free or not? 

Now, after knowing all its beneficial features, you may think that the SQL Server Standard edition is free or not. So, let me tell you, it is not free, and you must buy SQL Server 2019 Standard edition to get the valid product key. Without the product key, you would not be able to download and install SQL Server 2019 Standard edition.  

Does SQL Server 2019 come with CALs? 

It is a common question that many people ask before buying SQL Server 2019 whether SQL Server comes with CALs or not. Let me inform you that if you are using the Server + Cal model, then yes, you need SQL CAL to access the SQL server software. No matter the version, SQL Server 2019 has CALs. Some clients use a different software program or hardware to contact the SQL server, and a CAL is still required for users and devices using the SQL software indirectly.  

The Microsoft SQL Server 2019 CAL is available in two editions, Standard and Enterprise. The Standard edition provides full database functionality for mid-tier applications and data marts. And In-memory performance, security, and high availability make Enterprise Edition ideal for mission-critical applications. The five editions of SQL server are Standard, Web, Enterprise, Developer, and Express. Let’s learn about all of these so that you can make your choice for your business. Now you are familiar with the Standard edition, as discussed above. Now let’s talk about all the editions quickly.

SQL Server 2019 Enterprise is for those organizations that focus on scalability and performance of the company. This edition offers incredible database performance, excellent BI tools, and unlimited visualizations. These are just a few of them. 

For Web hosters and Web VAPs, SQL Server Web edition offers a low total cost of ownership solution that provides scalability, affordability, and manageability capabilities for modest to large-scale Web sites.

The SQL Server Developer edition allows developers to build any application on top of SQL Server. It has all the Enterprise edition features but is only licensed for use as a test and development system, not a live server. SQL Server Developer is the best option for those who develop and test applications.

The most incredible option for learning and creating desktop and small server data-driven apps is the free, entry-level Express edition. The choice is the right for independent software vendors, producers, and hobbyists developing client programs. For more advanced database features, SQL Server Express can easily be upgraded to other, more expensive versions of SQL Server. SQL Server Express LocalDB, a lightweight variant of Express, runs in user mode, has a short installation procedure that requires no configuration, and has a manageable prerequisite list.


Now you know that Download SQL Server Standard 2019 edition provides essential data management and business intelligence databases for departments and small businesses to run their applications. It also supports standard development tools for on-premises and cloud environments, enabling efficient database management with few IT resources.

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