Best Sports News Sites in Thailand

If you are looking for sports news in Thailand, there are many options. There are several popular sports websites with extensive coverage. Among them are Buaksib, Sudsapda, 8Xbet, and SportThai. These websites offer news, commentary, expert analysis, and live links to major sporting events. Some of them also have editorial boards, Facebook pages, and news blogs. Some are also available in English.


If you’re looking for the latest information on your favorite sports, Buaksib is a good choice. This Thailand-based sports website provides live scores and line-ups, plus latest news from around the world. It also has a mobile app so you can follow the action while you’re on the go.

The site’s marketing director explained that the site aims to tap into the growing interest in European soccer leagues. For example, the home page features separate sections for each of the five biggest leagues in Europe.


There are a number of websites in Thailand that provide Thai readers with a wide range of sports news. Many offer in-depth articles and analysis, as well as video clips from live matches. Many websites also offer subscribers the opportunity to subscribe to their email list so that they will receive updates as new events happen.

Sudsapda is a well-established media platform with a wide range of topics. There is a separate section for international news. The news site also has sections for local sports. This site also has a dedicated video section. The news website is owned by the Amarin publishing house, which operates multiple media channels in Thailand. The site is widely read by a broad demographic.


Sudsapda is a popular sports news site in Thailand, featuring breaking news, video clips, and expert analysis. The site also features a lively online community and a news blog. It also offers live game streams. The site is available in both Thai and English. It also has a live chat function that allows readers to ask questions.

Sudsapda is well-followed on Facebook, and the website is optimized for mobile devices. The site is easy to navigate and content is updated frequently. There are also apps available for iOS and Android devices that allow users to follow live matches. Sudsapda also offers a free newsletter that keeps readers informed about breaking news in their favorite sports.


If you’re a sports fan and are looking for a reliable source for breaking news, 8Xbet is an excellent option. The site features original articles, video highlights, and analysis on all major sports events. Users can also subscribe to breaking news alerts by email. The site also has an active Twitter account and a community discussion board.

8Xbet casino trực tuyến news is constantly updating, so you’ll always be able to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in major sports. The website offers breaking news, exclusive interviews with players, and daily and weekly updates. Subscribers can also sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive articles, interviews, and videos about their favorite teams.

Siamrath newspaper

The Siamrath newspaper is a biweekly Thai newspaper with different sections. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, geopolitics, social issues, and sports. The newspaper also has a dedicated business section. The Siamrath website has a large following.

The Siamrath newspaper was founded on 25th June 1950 and is published in Thai. It was one of the most influential Thai newspapers in the late 20th century and is closely linked to the former Thai Prime Minister, Kukrit Pramoj. The newspaper has a reputation of being the best in Thailand. It is now owned by Chatchawal Kong-udom.


The internet is an excellent source for sports news in Thailand, with a variety of Thai and English language sites available. Many offer expert analysis, video clips of live matches, detailed news articles, and high-quality images. Some offer email updates, too. The interface of these sites is colorful, and many are responsive to different types of devices.

The Nation is one of the most popular and well-read English news sites in Thailand. This daily site features Thailand’s main stories. It is mobile-friendly and updates frequently. Recently, it acquired the digital assets of the Phuket Gazette. Though mostly geared toward Americans and Europeans, Thaiger also has a diverse readership, ranging from seasoned hiso to up-and-coming social media kids.

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