What are the best-selling Apple Products of All Time? 

When it comes to buying the best, we think of the brand, Apple, the brand of excellence and invention since 1976, which had completely blown minds when it hit the market. The devices and services are still the best at their game; Apple has maintained luxury for decades! Speaking of luxury, the revenue of Apple just keeps accumulating to thousands of millions of dollars annually. According to July 2022’s analysis, Apple’s revenue is 83$ billion. Whoa! For all the brand-conscious readers out there, we present the highest-grossing and top four favorite products from Apple. 


The smartphone that hit charts! Why? All because it was the first smartphone that was absolute. What other smartphones lacked, the iPhone fulfilled. The first iPhone had the latest features, updated interface, and modern tech gadgets that people praised worldwide. The iPhone has become the status symbol of the 21st century since it landed on the market in 2007. They say, “iPhone users will never get used to Androids.” It is not even a myth! Customers prefer iPhone repair for only iPhone 10 models and above now. The previous gens are not worth repairing anymore. Apple-obsessed peeps buy IPhone with every latest model on the list. If you wait to pre-book your iPhone 14, pop open Experimax! 

This is how iPhone revenue makes up 50% of the total, meaning iPhones for sale make 140$ billion to 170$ billion annually. Impressive! 

The First Ever iPod 

Youngsters of the 2000s, this one’s dedicated to y’all. The supreme hit of its decade was the first generation iPod; sleek, iconic, and yes, expensive, but it dropped with a tagline mentioning you can fit 1000 songs in your pocket. The invention that blew off records sold 125,000 units in 2001 and 450 million units up till now. 

IPod’s third generation came in 2003 worth 300$ per unit, which was much more successful than the previous gens due to its sleeker design and affordable range. IPods were the talk of the town and became the century’s modern Walkman. 

In case you’re wondering, we don’t want to burst your bubble, but iPods are not coming back. Whoops! 

MacBook Air (2008)

The massive triumph of Apple in 2008 was The MacBook. Miniature, portable and sophisticated in design, the MacBook became a tremendous success, being a tiny laptop with a multi-function upgrade. Not a lot of ports, but a hell lot of money. Hats off to engineering! It was slim, fast, and the hottest selling of its time. Since then, laptops for sale have never been the same. The slimmer, the better, indeed. If you still want a credible Mac repair, check out techy

IPad (2010 to 2022) 

Last on the list is Apple’s IPad. Where Microsoft tried to fit an entire PC into a tiny portable device, Apple simply upgraded the gadget to a larger iPhone with stupendous quality apps and features of modern laptops. What we can say is Apple was always ahead of its time. While critics scoffed at the similar features of the iPhone and IPads, users and regular customers saw inclined development in the IPad’s upcoming models, such as IPad Pros, outperforming so many PC apps. 

That was all for today, guys. For more information on Apple products feel free to visit Experimax Richmond, VA now! 

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