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Best Private Sector Banks in India

A nation’s economic strength can be calculated from the banking systems that are present in the country. Talking about India, there are around 34 public as well as private sector banks in the country. Out of which there are mainly 22 private sector banks which help in making the Indian economy the biggest economy in the world. Not just the Indian banks, we also have foreign banks in India that come under the private label. All the banks provide retail as well as corporate financial services to its employees. However, selecting the best private bank in India can be a tough decision.

List of Top Private Banks in India

There are numerous private sector banks throughout the country that offer financial service. Some of the top private banks in India are as follows:


The Housing Development and Finance Corporation Bank or most commonly known as HDFC Bank Ltd is one of the biggest private sector banks in the country. HDFC offers various financial services ranging from retail banking to wholesale banking, from debit to credit cards, home loans to automobile loans and numerous other services. With more than 5000 branches in India and having more than 1 lakh people employed, HDFC surely is the biggest bank in India.


ICICI Bank also makes it to the list of top banks in India. You can apply for any kind of loan at ICICI bank from personal loan to home loan. Apart from that there are various credit cards offered by ICICI Bank that are very popular in the market. Moreover, ICICI bank offers various kinds of cards such as commercial, prepaid, travel cards apart from the regular debit and credit cards.

Axis Bank

Axis Bank has a widespread network of more than 4500 branches that are spread across the country with over 12000 ATMs generating employment for around 55000 people in the country. Just like any other bank, you can apply for any kind of loan from this bank including home loans, personal loan, car loan, business loan, Gold loan, Loan against security, two wheeler loan, loan against any fixed deposit, etc.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank was founded in 2003, and despite the fact the bank has been earning a reputation to be amongst the top banks in India. In India, Kotak Mahindra Bank has around 1600 branches that provide employment to more than 33000 people. Also there are around 2500 ATMs across the country. Kotak Mahindra bank offers affordable home loans, however, it is advisable for you to check the eligibility of any loan before applying. Moreover, you can apply for a personal loan, vehicle loan, loan against any security, education loan, etc from this bank.

Federal Bank

Having more than 1900 branches in India, Federal bank offers a range of services to its customers. The services not only include personal banking or retail banking but they also include NRI banking services, loans of various sorts and other corporate banking services. Generating employment for over 12000 employees, Federal bank is considered as one of the best private label banks in the country. Not only can you apply for regular debit or credit cards from here but you can also apply for contactless cards from this bank. However, it is advisable to always check the eligibility before applying for any such card in order to avoid rejection.These are the top private banks in the country. You can open a savings bank account in any of the above banks and deposit money to earn Saving Account Interest Rate. However, it is important to check the eligibility and all the account related formalities before opening an account in order to avoid any future difficulties.

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