Best Blogging Apps For iPhone & iPad in 2022

Sharing thoughts is a part of human nature. Humans love to communicate and share thoughts with others.  Modern technology opens a window to share our thoughts with others around the globe online.

You may find a whole lot of ways to share your thoughts but blogging remains the top. You can 

Share your thoughts by dint of words, videos, and photographs on blogs. In fact, blogging is one of the oldest mediums to share anything online.

In the recent past, computers were the only device required to manage blogs. But the betterment of technology awards us an opportunity to deal with our blogs with our mobile phones and tablets. 

There are so many blogging apps that you can find on your hand for both iOS and Android. But choosing the right one is hard. 

Through this post, I will write about the best blogging apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022 to manage your blog on the go.

Top 5 blogging apps for iPhone and iPad

The post discusses the top blogging apps for iPhone and iPad. We create a list of 5 apps that you can find in the app store. These apps can manage your blogs easily and increase your productivity. 

These apps are applicable to all recent iPhones or iPads whether it is your iPhone 11 or the latest iPad Air 5 

Here is the list of 5 blogging apps that we recommend you for iPhone and iPad:

  1. WordPress
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Medium
  4. Grammarly Keyword
  5. Canva


WordPress, a well-known website builder across the world, and almost 35% of websites are built with it. Because WP allows for building a blog from blank to follow through the top. 

Furthermore, it’s easy to operate and maintain. So, the WP app is a must-have for blogging with iPhone and iPad. You can find the WordPress app available on the app store.

Through WordPress apps, you can write and edit your blogs. Adding images and videos to blogs is a plus. 

Additionally, you have the approval of reviewing your content and a monitoring system of website statistics is also available.

The WordPress app is free at the app store.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google-based service that is widely used for tracking the traffic of a website. 

This is a must-needed app for bloggers. Because you can’t evaluate the performance of your blog unless you know the number of visitors to your website. 

Google Analytics makes it easy for you. You can observe the statistics of your blog. It delivers real-time data from your blogs. So, it’s a blessing for bloggers who use iPhones and iPads. 

It runs buttery-smooth on both devices but you find it free at the app store. 

Grammarly- Keyword & Editor

After writing a long article or blog when you proofread your blog, many minor typos and grammatical errors come out. This is a common scenario, but it decreases the attractiveness of writing. 

So you must need a proofreader who can proofread in real-time. Grammarly Keyword comes as a wizard to conclude the issue. 

You can proofread your blog post and  Grammarly can proofread and detect mistakes as well as suggest possible corrections. That makes your post more engaging than ever.

The Grammarly-Keyword & Editor app is free at the app store.


Medium is an open platform and easy-to-use blogging app for Apple users. Over 100 million users are actively using Medium for both reading and writing. 

Medium offers you to manage your blogs via the medium app. Not only manage your blogs but also follow your own interest, bookmark posts, and respond to conversations with the audience. 

Actually, you are capable of managing your website with the help of Medium and it’s a free app at the app store. 


Images are way more meaningful than writing. It’s essential to add images to optimize the acceptance of a blog. So you need high-quality images and videos to enrich your posts. 

Canva is an app for iPhone and iPad that creates astounding photos and videos for your website.  You can easily create professional-grade images and videos for your website through Canva.You can find this useful app free at the app store.

These five apps are making an impact when you start blogging through iPhones or iPads. Together these apps can help you to rich your blog to the top of the mountain. Now one question may unfold in your mind.

Do these blogging apps are available for Android smartphones and tabs?

The answer is a solid yes. You can run these apps on both Android smartphones and tabs. You can download it on every latest Android device. 

Some bloggers use it on phones like the OnePlus 9RT and some love to install them on their Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.


It’s time to wrap the post here. From top to bottom of the post, I try to make it easy for you to find the best blogging apps for iPhone and iPad. 

Hope you read the full post and find it helpful. I will be glad if the post helps you to create your own blog and enrich it. Let me know your valuable thoughts via comments. 

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