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ATV Or Buggy – What to Choose?

ATVs and buggies are popular types of ATVs used for cross-country riding, motorcycling, outdoor activities, and organizing competitions. They have good cross-country ability, cope well with obstacles on the way, and allow you to ride on sand, mud, gravel, grass, and other types of off-road.

A separate category – models for children and adolescents. They are smaller and lighter than ATVs for adult riders, equipped with less powerful motors, and have a speed limit. The main task of such a technique is to give young riders vivid emotions and pleasure from rides without unnecessary risks.

In many ways, buggies and ATVs are similar, but still, they are different types of all-terrain vehicles with their own features and advantages. Today we will tell you how they differ, and which option is better to choose for specific conditions of use.


The ATV was invented by Japanese designers in the 1970s. Since then, this type of ATV has gained record popularity among fans of outdoor activities and extreme cross-country riding. By design, this side by side 4 seater terrain vehicle is a hybrid of a motorcycle and a car. It has:

  • The principle of control, steering wheel, and landing – like a motorcycle.
  • 4 massive wheels with off-road tires.
  • Excellent permeability.

By appointment, ATVs are divided into 3 classes: utilitarian, sports, and tourist. Utility models are the most versatile. They have massive wheels, a roomy trunk, and a large carrying capacity. Such motorcycles are used for outdoor activities, fishing trips, to the forest, to nature, as well as for the transportation of goods, and for solving economic and production problems. Among the utility ATVs, there are children’s and teenage models – more compact and less powerful.

Sports ATVs are designed for high-speed off-road driving, participation in competitions, and amateur and professional races. They have a lightweight design, thoughtful safety features, and a powerful motor that allows you to accelerate to 150 km / h. They also differ in maneuverability, good acceleration dynamics, and the ability to confidently move off-road.

Tourist ATVs are designed for entertainment, outdoor activities, long trips, and travel outside the city. They are compact and stable, and in terms of developed speed, they are like utilitarian models.


Buggy appeared in the United States in the 1950s because of the conversion from old Volkswagen Beetle cars. The fenders and front doors were removed from him, a lightweight welded frame was installed instead of the body, and a more powerful motor was placed behind the standard engine instead. The result is a new kind of racing car – with high ground clearance, reliable rear suspension, and excellent cross-country ability.

Today, buggies are called all-terrain vehicles of various types that have an automobile landing. Such transport is perfectly adapted for driving over rough terrain, and confidently overcomes stones, branches, and other obstacles on the way. Most often, buggies are used for outdoor activities, competitions, tourism, expeditions, and economic purposes.

The design of the buggy is characterized by:

  • Sheet metal body.
  • Protective frame.
  • Car seat and steering wheel.
  • 4-point seat belts.
  • Independent suspension.
  • Shortened base.
  • Lower center of gravity.

Buggy also comes in different types. For sports rallies, racing models are designed with rear or all-wheel drive. For trophy raids, light all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles are created, designed to overcome difficult obstacles. For the beach, there are also light four-wheel drive buggies that allow you to move confidently on the dry and wet sand.

For the trial, buggy crawlers are created that can deftly pass tracks with difficult obstacles, and drive over stones, gravel, and rocky terrain. For racing on ring tracks with various obstacles, maneuverable and fast motocross models are designed. To organize children’s leisure, manufacturers offer stylish mini buggies that turn outdoor recreation into an exciting adventure.

What to choose?

Buggies have a more stable design with a lower center of gravity and safety arcs or metal fenders around the perimeter. In turn, ATVs are more maneuverable and better adapted to difficult off-road routes. Although the cross-country ability of an all-terrain vehicle largely depends not on the type of its design, but on technical characteristics: engine power, wheel diameter, tread pattern, suspension height, and other factors.

In the ranking of favorite transport toys for children and teenagers, there are ATVs, buggies, and snowmobiles. Which type of technique to choose depends on the wishes of the child. If he likes cars more, go for buggies. If he prefers the riding position and handling of a motorcycle, buy an electric quad bike.

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