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 Ask These Questions to Your Immigration Advisor

Studying abroad is the dream of millions in India. The most preferred destinations tend to be Canada, Europe, the USA, etc. These countries offer a robust education system along with other advantages like the provision of part-time jobs while studying, a clean environment, etc. There are several immigration consultancies to guide the students in this process.  Now choosing the right immigration consultancy is very important. 

If you’re finding an immigration agent that can aid with family sponsorship or serve as a guide for immigration applications, selecting a reputable visa expert is crucial. You clearly desire your visa application to be approved in one go! Choosing a reliable immigration consultant who can present you with efficient services is vital. . In order to give you the best services, a qualified visa counselor has to be well acquainted with all the necessary immigration laws and regulations. You should select the best usa study visa to get hassle-free services.

In this article, we are going to list ten crucial questions to ask your immigration advisor before approaching them for the visa process- 

Question 1- Enquire about their registration 

Every nation has an official licensing system for the safety of immigration clients. Taking advice from an unregistered consultant can create many problems and affect your visa process.  Some consultants assert their connections to legitimate foreign agents. These partnerships ought to be prominently displayed on their official websites. To double-check whether your immigration agent is registered or not, you might choose to call the regional embassy. Obtain your agent’s license number as well. Your consultant is ineligible to represent your interests if they lack a registration number.

Question 2 – How much experience do they have?

You need to ensure you seek services from a well-experienced consultant. They have been helping thousands of students achieve their dreams of moving abroad for years so it will be very easy for them to manage your visa process. Sometimes there can be unexpected complications. To deal with them you need an experienced visa counselor otherwise your application might get rejected. What level of expertise do they possess?

A knowledgeable visa adviser will assure that you finish the application process without any happening. Numerous visa consulting firms take pride in their self-promotion by claiming to have been around for a very long time. By requesting their company registration number, you may confirm their claim. 

Question 3 –  What is their fees?

Before choosing a visa consultant you need to enquire about the amount of fee they will charge you for your visa processing. You need to check if there are any hidden charges.  A reliable visa consultant will be clear while describing their fee schedule to you. It is common to encounter such visa consultants who advertise false information like low fees earlier but once you get into their trap they will come up with hidden charges and increase their fees by hefty amounts. So it is important to avoid such counselors as they can easily burn a hole in your pockets. 

Question 4 –  Which program is suitable for you and why?

Usually, there are several immigration programs and schemes. These differ from each other in various terms. It is crucial that your visa consultant has complete information about all these programs. They should be able to assist you in choosing the best option for you. Making the incorrect decision could be caused by their own uncertainty or lack of expertise. Choosing the wrong program can be drastic so to avoid that make sure your consultant is well aware of every program and guide you to choose the most appropriate one for you. 

Question 5 – Will my visa be processed successfully?

Now, this is something that ponders in the minds of many students. See no visa consultant can provide you 100% success guarantee. There can be a few unexpected problems in the visa process.  A good visa consultant will surely be able to guide you out of these challenges. But if there is any immigration adviser who guarantees you a visa with a 100% success rate then that should raise a red flag. A reputable expert will provide you with a detailed picture of your possibility of obtaining a visa. They will provide you with all the helpful advice you need to quickly obtain a visa. 

Question 6- What are the options available if my application is rejected? 

Typically, visa consultants will refund the application money. However, getting your money back is not a good option if your application is turned down. If you have decided to pursue your education abroad then you have to stay firm despite rejection. 

If they are registered as your agent, can they review your file? What other solutions can they offer you to ensure the success of your application process? A registered consultant will guide you through the entire process; an unregistered consultant will simply reject you and leave you in the lurch.  So make sure you ask your consultant about all the possible alternatives in case your application is rejected. If you are looking for well-experienced and knowledgeable consultants to guide you in the visa process then we vouch for the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar who will guide you in every step. 

Question 7- Will the visa consultant provide a filing status update?

Now once you have filed for the visa you will be anxiously waiting for any update. A good visa consultant should be providing you with timely updates about your file status. The processing of visa applications occurs over a period of several months. You might be feeling overwhelmed during such a long waiting period. Now here the role of a good visa consultant is vital to clear every query you have. They should be available easily through calls or emails and not try to avoid you once you have filed for the visa. 

Wrapping it up 

So if you are planning to move abroad for your education and selecting a visa consultant then you have to ensure you ask the above, mentioned questions to the visa consultant and then select them

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