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Apps to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Gaining weight might be more difficult for some people than losing it. Being underweight may result in health problems including a weakened immune system and malnutrition, making it just as problematic as being overweight. There are a ton of fantastic smartphone applications available to aid with weight loss, but what if your goal is to put on weight? Thankfully, there are a few applications you may use to gain weight effectively and securely.

The top apps for gaining weight are listed here, regardless of whether you need to put on weight for medical reasons or you just want to increase some muscle mass.

List of Apps to Gain Weight in a Healthy way

I have listed below the top 8 apps to gain weight in a couple of months. Read them carefully and choose the one which you prefer the most.

Gain Weight App

Exercising frequently is one of the best strategies to gain muscle mass. Make some place in the living room and utilize the Gain Weight App to increase healthy body mass without paying for a gym membership. You are given a 30-day challenge to gain weight utilizing the app’s fitness and eating plans.

You won’t feel overburdened if you take a break every fourth day. Basic workouts like push-ups, lunges, and squats are included in the program. The workouts do, however, get harder as you get better, with more repetitions. In addition, if you get bored with the workout, you can stream a movie with the help of an app called Spliktv APK. It is a free app where you can stream movies online for zero cost.

Weight Tracker

Tracking and keeping track of both your weight and BMI(Body Mass Index) can sometimes be difficult. However, keeping track of these facts is essential if you want to achieve your weight objectives. The Weight Tracker app provides a breakdown of your weight, weight change, BMI, and ideal weight along with an intuitive user interface.

To further inspire yourself, you may utilize the app to post progress photographs. Anyone may use Weight Tracker, regardless of whether their objective is to build muscle, keep their weight within a healthy range, or lose weight.


One of the top fitness and food tracking applications available is MyFitnessPal. Its fantastic features and big recipe collection make it clear why it’s so well-liked. MyFitnessPal is used mostly for weight loss, but it may also help you meet your objectives if you want to gain weight.

Calorie counting is the major emphasis of MyFitnessPal, which is crucial if you want to gain weight gradually and consistently. Additionally, a National Library of Medicine article asserts that calories support healthy bodily function.

Gain Weight in 30 Days

Did you know that exercising with your own body weight may help you gain muscle? Research published in the National Library of Medicine claims that building muscle is possible without using external stresses. Bodyweight exercises are not only quick and simple to perform in the convenience of your own home, but they may also increase your mobility and stability.

With the aid of the free exercise software Gain Weight in 30 Days, you may increase your weight without using any special equipment. You may download the app to get a 30-day workout schedule and eating plan. Your unique programs are developed based on your gender, age, height, weight, and supplement use.


MyPlate is a helpful calorie-counting tool where you can monitor your food intake, weight, and exercise, similar to MyFitnessPal. You only need to look up the food item or scan the barcode to add a meal. To record the foods you usually eat, you may even construct a brand-new personalized meal.

MyPlate provides a lot of wonderful features, such as a supportive community and a graph that shows your progress. You’ll meet like-minded individuals who are working toward their weight goals in the neighborhood. You may exchange recipes, encouragement and support, hints and suggestions, and even fitness guidance here.

Dumbbell Workout at Home

Even while utilizing simply your body weight can help you build muscle, including a basic pair of dumbbells in your workouts will hasten the process. Excellent software that combines bodyweight exercises with dumbbell exercises is called Dumbbell Workout at Home. Even for beginners, all of the exercises are brief, efficient, and simple to do.

You may select from beginner, moderate, or advanced 30-day training routines based on your degree of expertise. Alternatively, you may select a workout plan based on the body part you want to target, such as your back, chest, or abs.


Eating the appropriate diet is essential for gaining weight in a healthy way. You need to eat the right balance of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and fiber; it doesn’t help to eat junk food, which often has a minimal nutritional value at most. Additionally, you must engage in daily physical activity. The Foodvisor app provides you with a personalized nutrition plan to help you attain your optimum weight. The app will generate a customized strategy for you once you respond to a few questions about yourself and your goals.

More than 300 recipes are available on Foodvisor, and each one gets a score indicating how healthy it is. Tap daily assessment for a summary of your caloric intake, dietary recommendations, and macronutrients.


FitMenCook is a popular food and drinks app that was developed by fitness guru Kevin Curry. The focus of the FitMenCook app is on making affordable, convenient, and wholesome meals that the entire family will love. You may add the ingredient list from each dish to your shopping list. Your shopping list may then be organized by grocery aisle or recipe. FitMenCook is therefore the ideal software for a beginner or a busy parent.

Use hard gainer or high protein for delicious meals that are great for gaining muscle. Here is a list of dishes that will make you gain weight, with filters for diet, macros, and cooking techniques.


Gaining weight is a gradual process that requires consuming the correct foods and maintaining a consistent workout schedule. Benefit from these fantastic smartphone applications to aid in your healthy weight gain. Use these fantastic apps to gain weight in a few months.

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